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High Cholesterol as a Result of High Blood Pressure

There is a scientifically proven connection been a high cholesterol level and hypertension.

The causes for raised blood lipid concentration and cholesterol are mostly due to being overweight, eating junk food, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Excessive cholesterol and weight are linked and can cause problems for the circulation and the blood pressure.

Being overweight and high in cholesterol increases the risk of getting hypertension.

A study at Boston Hospital researched the connection been an increase in cholesterol and blood pressure in women.

Some 16,130 women took part in the long-time study and they were all older than 45 years old and had normal blood pressure.

At the end of the study just 4600 women showed a raised blood pressure.

The scientists found out that 12 percent more women fell ill with hypertension which showed the highest blood lipids and cholesterol values,

Raised cholesterol values maximise the risk of numerous subsequent illnesses just as the dreaded high blood pressure.

Metabolic Syndrome – Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

In western industrialised countries, high blood pressure is widespread and is often caused by high cholesterol. More and more people suffer from too low HDL values. Not enough HDL cholesterol contributes to arteriosclerosis which increases the blood pressure again.

With metabolic syndrome several metabolism processes are affected by hypertension. Patients suffer high blood pressure from a disturbance in the fat metabolism, with high blood lipids and blood glucose values, as well as high cholesterol.

Patients with a constantly raised HDL often fall ill with chronic high blood pressure.

These symptoms can appear concurrently or in combination with a low HDL.

The dangers of cholesterol with hypertension.

Cholesterol values with high blood pressure.

Dangers of a raised cholesterol level and hypertension.

The liver produces cholesterol. The blood lipids are required to build up new cells. The cholesterol is transported around the bloodstream to the cells, and can release a high blood pressure with too much cholesterol. Or, high blood pressure raises the cholesterol level.

The cholesterol is not only an essential cell, but also a natural material. Our bodies produce about 1.5g of cholesterol every day. Excessive blood lipids reach the blood via the liver. Also blood circulation with a high blood pressure can cause other damage when combined with too much cholesterol.

There is a distinction between HDL, the good cholesterol and LDL, the bad blood lipids. If too much cholesterol exists, High Density Lipoproteinen can be taken away from the bloodstream. The transport occurs together with proteins.

Cholesterol depositions in the walls of the blood vessels again can cause high blood pressure.

HDL restrains the platelets before getting lumpy, and therefore can relieved by good cholesterol.

High blood lipid concentration - cholesterol and hypertension

If there isn’t enough HDL and too much bad cholesterol, the blood vessels start to calcify and deteriorate.

Try to avoid more than 70g of fat per day and to reduce the supply of animal fat to prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If high blood pressure is not treated, the inner walls of the vessels can be damaged even further by cholesterol. Then these blood vessels narrow because of the cholesterol, thereby increasing blood pressure.

If hypertension and raised blood lipid concentration appear then there is an increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

If you exercise, lose weight, and eat healthily then you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure from having too much cholesterol.

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