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Hypertension - Risk Groups - Arrhythmia

Heart rhythm disorders like cardiac arrhythmias
Cardiac arrhythmias like heart rhythm disorders

The group of people who have heart rhythm disorders is relatively large, although certainly the underreporting is substantial. Not every heart palpitation or other irregularity in the heart is equal to a heart rhythm disorder.

Those who can not feel anything remarkable, also doesn’t mean that everything is operating normally with a normal rhythm, specially if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Cardiac arrhythmias can often be slight and almost undetectable and include symptoms such as a vague discomfort in the heart area.

This often is the dreaded atrial fibrillation, which also belongs to the arrhythmia. Here there is minimal disruption to the normal, steady flow of blood in the heart. Although sometimes brief, it can often be enough to produce small blood clots in the heart.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias caused by Hypertension

Cardiac Arrhythmias
Cardiac arrhythmias caused by high blood presssure

If a person has high blood pressure, the effects of such arrhythmias may be quite dramatic due to the consequences of the high blood pressure.

If the heart throbs violently, it results in further clots in the heart, which is so exposed to constant attack and the invasion of the clots.

What happens next can be quite dramatic. The blood pressure is also increased in many people with arrhythmias, where blood clots that have formed, push the blood with increased force in the direction of the brain.

It isn’t such a long way from the heart to the brain, and blood clots can settle in the brain, and lead a sudden stroke. Specially in hypertension this can happen any time.

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High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Problems

A high blood pressure here can also accelerate the rapid build-up of clogging in the brain. As can be imagined, the body at any point can no longer be a balancing act on all fronts.

If your heart beats irregularly then the existing clots already in several places are already active, so that the entire system can break down easily

Since, as mentioned, arrhythmias often go unnoticed, anyone slightly older, or anyone who has a high blood pressure can be also checked regularly for possible cardiac arrhythmia. 

Here there are proven test methods which the cardiologist can apply.

If you catch it early enough before serious symptoms, there are options available to intervene with drugs and lower blood pressure prophylactically.

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