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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Alternative medicine - Candida and high blood pressure

The fungus Candida can cause hypertension
Candida fungus and hypertension

It took years until the existence and detectability of Candida albicans to be recognised in conventional medicine.

It is now time that the possible consequences of a Candida infestation are explored in more detail.

In addition to intestinal problems, skin problems and signs of changes in the behaviour of infected persons, there is also growing reports that the Candida infection affects the blood pressure of those affected.

The range of variations in blood pressure ranges from mild hypertension to overt hypertension

It has been observed that hypertension has been diagnosed following a Candida infestation.

Since fungal infections usually take a very long time before they are diagnosed, it is not always easy to see the connection between hypertension and infection.

Of course, it is essential to treat hypertension immediately by appropriate means, but it is also essential that the infection is also treated immediately.

fight hypertension with german remedies

Candida as a cause for high blood pressure

However, the boundaries between the various medical disciplines again blur a little and an interdisciplinary diagnostics should be sought.

This will also be easier for Candida albicans to detect infections and also quickly find the connection between the infection and hypertension.

It is now well known and proven that Candida albicans is responsible for many health problems, including frequently recurring vaginal yeast infections, thrush (especially in infants), intestinal problems, and also high blood pressure. 

The risk of hypertension following a Candida albicans infection in the affected patient is not yet well established.

The proof is, of course, very difficult to prove.

If the patient has previously struggled with mild blood pressure problems then it is even more difficult to prove the connection between the two. 

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Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

What helps against Candida and high blood pressure

Mayr cure - helps with Candida and hypertension
Candida and hypertension

If you have a fungal infection and high blood pressure patient, you should speak to your doctor.

Anti-fungal drugs are available both orally and as cream.

Consult with your doctor or therapist about which approach is right for you. 

Last but not least, you can get rid of Candida and lower blood pressure naturally, by losing weight and eating a healthy diet.

However, it is difficult for many people to keep a consistent diet.

For such problems, we recommend a health portal to tackle the first few weeks of losing weight to reduce possibilities of distraction.

When diagnosing high blood pressure, we pay a lot of cash for a cure.

Of the many spas which we visited during our work as health journalists we were most impressed with the Mother House of the Mayr cure in Austria.

The treatment itself is highly effective and can both eliminate the fungal infection as well as reduce high blood pressure significantly.

For more information, see www.golfhotel.at.

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Link between Candida and hypertension

Let your insurance company advise and discuss your treatment plan with your doctor. 

The health portal hypertension-Help provides a great link between the fungus and a variety of diseases, especially hypertension. 

Here you can read more about how cholesterol can be a cause for hypertension, click



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