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The Definition of Hypertension

We explain the definition of high blood pressure
The definition of high blood pressure

What exactly is high blood pressure - definition of hypertension

Here you will find everything about hypertension. Starting precisely explained by the normal values on the classification of hypertension according to the World Health Organization, more than all the numbers for hypertension and a typical course of the disease, the incidence of hypertension and its risk groups.

What's systolic and diastolic blood pressure, what is isolated hypertension and what is meant by secondary hypertension, what influence has the weather on the high blood pressure and how does about sex or sports on the clinical picture.

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Normal Values
Which blood pressure values are normal?
The blood pressure values of the world health organization
The figures of high blood pressure
Course of disease
High blood pressure and the course of the disease
The frequency of high blood pressure

Risk groups
The risk groups of high blood pressure
Systolic value
The systolic value of our blood pressure
Diastolic value
The diastolic value of our blood pressure
Primary HBP
High blood pressure and its primary form
Secondary HBP
High blood pressure and its secondary form

The weather and its influence on the blood pressure
Sex and its influence on the blood pressure
Measures against high blood pressure
High blood pressure and sports
Weight loss
Diet and weight loss with high blood pressure

Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure