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High Blood Pressure - The Risk Group Diabetes

Diabetes and high blood pressure
Learn how diabetes can cause high blood pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes are two of the most common illnesses in western countries. Both are increasing and can remain untreated for a long time because there are so few symptoms.

High blood pressure can also be caused by diabetes. 84% of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes also suffer from hypertension.

Often the physical effects and symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure are minimal. But whilst you don’t know, the inner walls of the vessels are damaged by the high blood pressure and thus the vascular function is disturbed. The vascular walls become more and more stiff in the course of the time and they also become thicker. Then can then lead to diabetes.

Raised blood glucose concentration in connection with high insulin from diabetes can damage the vascular walls and can lead to the arteriosclerosis. However, at the same time the disease also works on the nerves which serve regulate blood pressure and can lead to increased blood pressure.

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Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

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Diabetes comes with a raised risk of cardiac arrest caused by high blood pressure.

Also the subsequent illnesses resulting diabetes include skin damage and nephritic damage.

Here you can a detailed explanation of high blood pressure

High blood pressure often follows diabetes

Diabetes must be controlled to reduce high blood pressure.

The kidneys along with your network of arteries and nerves are hit particularly hard if you suffer from diabetes. They try to regulate high blood pressure under influence of the diabetes.

The raised concentration of glucose causes the body to produce more proteins. Hypertension leads to the restriction of the filter function of the nephritic fabric.

The nervous fabric of the kidney recognises this decline and tries to increase blood pressure.

The rise of blood pressure and a decrease in the function of the kidneys due to the excess glucose can finally lead to nephritic failure. Diabetes can be very dangerous.

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Diabetes, Overweight and High Blood Pressure

With diabetes you have to keep an eye on your blood pressure.

The blood pressure must be controlled with diabetes. It’s also a good idea to have regular blood pressure checks if you suffer from diabetes. 

If you don’t treat high blood pressure when you have diabetes you’re at an added risk of getting other sicknesses and diseases

High blood pressure can be fatal, so it’s a good idea to do everything possible to keep it normal. 

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