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Alcohol and Smoking in High Blood Pressure

Smoking and high blood pressure
Smoking can lead to high blood pressure

Furthermore, the blood pressure can be positively influenced by reducing the use of alcohol and cigarettes. Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure should limit the consumption of alcohol significantly. It is best of course to completely abstain from alcohol. 

Thus, hypertension is best counteracted. In one day a person should never consume more than 20 grams of alcohol. A glass of red wine with an alcohol content of twelve percent, on average, contains twelve grams of alcohol, while 0.25 litres of beer has about ten grams of alcohol.

Another natural measure to combat high blood pressure is to stop smoking. Not only is high blood pressure positively affected by stopping smoking: but the risks of diseases such as cancer are also significantly reduced.

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Stress Reduction and High Blood Pressure

Stress and high blood pressure
High blood pressure caused by stress

Effective stress relief is also a good way to reduce blood pressure. Those who can cope well in everyday life and in professional life will often have a lower blood pressure than those who can’t.

To achieve an effective stress reduction, various relaxation techniques can be completed. Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxations and autogenic training helps in reducing hypertension.

Relaxing music and CDs with quiet, meditative music are also a step in the right direction.

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Physical Activity and High Blood Pressure

Sport and high blood pressure
High blood pressure can be reduced by sports

Physical activity is also a good way to lower your blood pressure. Lots of sports and exercise make a direct impact on hypertension.

Those who practice sports regularly can easily reduce hypertension and stress. In addition, the sport tends to reduce obesity significantly which in turn is one of the measures to combat high blood pressure. Exercise also causes the metabolism to be stimulated. Thus, the body is able to burn more calories. Furthermore, regular exercise has a positive effect on blood lipid levels.

In one week you should aim to exercise for three days for 30 minutes each time. By doing this, high blood pressure will be significantly reduced.

In particular, endurance sports are very well suited; this includes jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. Your chosen sport or form of exercise depends on yourself. However, regular exercise should always be performed. The benefits are very large and cannot be overlooked.

Hypertension can be targeted with a lot of sports and they will naturally and safely reduce your blood pressure.

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