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Cupping acts by sucking the cupping vessels on the body. This sucking encourages natural blood flow and it is produced by suction and heat. Experienced cupping therapists have already effected a significant reduction in blood pressure. You will surely find such a therapist in your area.

Qi Gong

The Chinese have been practicing Qi Gong for thousands of years as a meditation and concentration exercise. It is assumed here that the good flow of Qi (the life force) will have a positive effect on the health of the body, and will help to enhance people’s wellbeing as well as help to prevent disease and provide relief. Even with high blood pressure Qi Gong can help because when you’re relaxed, blood pressure goes down and this is achieved by the deep breathing during the Qi Gong exercise. Each community college now offers Qi Gong classes and schools are sprouting up around the world. Fight your high blood pressure with the wisdom of the East. Moreover, health insurance will usually cover at least part of the costs associated with Qi Gong.


Yoga is an Indian philosophy which consists of physical and mental exercises. Different approaches have been developed over the years and the best known teaching today is the Hatha Yoga. Yoga works on our body similar to the Qi Gong, and inner peace is the main goal of yoga. This peace of mind has a direct impact on hypertension as it can significantly improve natural circulation. Meditation and breathing can fight high blood pressure effectively so much so that yoga classes are usually subsidized by health insurance policies.


We know how difficult and expensive it can be nowadays to eat really healthily. You can reduce hypertension by omitting only the worst unhealthy foods and fats from your diet. Do not eat fatty food or sweet food and you will notice an improvement in your health. Start but with little things. If you are, for example, at the grocery store standing in front of the shelves, you need to try to consciously opt for the low fat product, buy more fresh vegetables and fruits, and then you will be on the right path. Alternatively, you can use your health insurance and ask your doctor to prescribe a cure for your high blood pressure. To help with reducing your high blood pressure, our editors recommend the health Center Golf Hotel am Wörthersee with the special Mayr diet. You can get more information at www.golfhotel.at .


Movement widens the blood vessels , making them resilient and they do not stay longer so rigid. Give it a try with a long walk in the fresh air , take a bike and explore the area . Or log on to the community college to a Qi Gong , or yoga class . Start slowly and increase their activities according to their possibilities . After a few moving units their high blood pressure will drop and you will feel better felt. We know everything is hard . Do not be discouraged .


Alcohol raises your blood pressure. That's why when we drink wine or beer quickly we get a red face or sometimes red spots. Alcohol also warms us. If you have high blood pressure, you should consume only a little alcohol, as alcohol affects the body’s acid. You can drink a small glass of dry white wine, but no more. When you drink too much the excess acid must be bound and be discharged in the body.