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Suitable Sports with Hypertension

We recommend sports with hypertension
Sports can lower high blood pressure

As already mentioned, dynamic endurance sports for people with high blood pressure are best. In addition to cycling, walking and swimming, inline skating, dancing, and cross-country skiing are also good.

It is always best to choose the sport that gives you the most pleasure, because then you will find it easier to train more often. It is important for high blood pressure that you just train moderately and with an excessive amount of force.

To determine the proper force you should use a pulse computer. Another positive impact that the also has is that it can reduce your body weight, which in turn also helps with your high blood pressure, and it also reduces a cardiovascular risk associated with hypertension.

Recent studies also show that the effect of is much better when the sports program is varied and is carried out in combination with some strength exercises. Generally, it also applies, however, that patients with high blood pressure should proceed more cautiously when weight training.

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Hypertension - we recommend sports 3 times a week

What sport can lower your blood pressure?
Lowering your blood pressure with sports

An excessive rise in blood pressure can be prevented by avoiding excessive exercise. All exercise should be taken in moderation. In particular, older people can benefit from moderate weight training, because muscle mass diminishes as we get older and it can also help to counteract the aging process. 

However, you should always seek expert advice before starting any new exercise regime.

Speak to a doctor before you go to the gym!

If you want to lower your blood pressure through sport, the inclination is to jump straight in. It is always recommended to get advice about your plans from a doctor, especially when you have extreme high blood pressure that reads greater than 180/100, because this could be very dangerous! 

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Tests before sports - Hypertension treatment

The doctor may first examine you using a bicycle ergometer to judge the individual capacity for movement and thus to create an optimal plan for regular exercise in order to reduce the high blood pressure. 

Of course, the doctor also pays attention to whether consequential damages are likely due to hypertension and will take this into consideration when making recommendations. The doctor may perhaps prescribe appropriate medications that you should take in any case.

It is also important that although the motivation to start is probably very large, you shouldn’t overestimate your ability. Start moderately and keep a record of your blood pressure to gauge initial success. If your blood pressure is decreasing you can continue to exercise and hopefully you will have cured hypertension using only exercise.

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