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Every Second Counts – Strokes and High Blood Pressure

Solutions for Hypertension – Avoid Stokes

How you recognise a stroke with hypertension the cause?

More and more younger people are getting strokes. How can you help in a stroke?

A stroke happens if the blood circulation of the brain is not functioning properly. High blood pressure is the most frequent cause of strokes.

The most frequent cause is the carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain. It basically doesn’t provide enough blood. If this happens, the result can be fatal. In this case, a stroke has been caused by hypertension or high blood pressure.

Around 300,000 adults per year suffer from strokes in Germany alone. About 1/6 of these affected people, die as a result of this. Strokes are the third-most frequent cause of death in Germany. The cause of strokes is often a high blood pressure.

However, 5/6 of stroke patients get better, but they must treat their high blood pressure immediately.

Symptoms of a Stroke – High Blood Pressure

When person starts to speak unclearly, sounds washed out, has unusual physical weakness, falls over or the corner of the mouth starts to hang down, then you should check for strokes. These are clear symptoms of strokes and high blood pressure can cause strokes.

Most people affected by strokes will go on to be healthy again. However, the causes of the stroke need to be addressed. If you are treated in the first few hours, you stand a good chance of being healthy again. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you may suffer from a relapse, and permanent damage would have already been done the first time.

Don’t not simply ignore the warning signs of a stroke. Seek medical advice and find out exactly what caused it. If it was caused by high blood pressure or not. 

Strokes can Kill – Treat Hypertension

Strokes are often caused by hypertension.

Many hospitals in industrialised countries have stoke specialists who are able to give you the best advice possible. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then a stroke specialist may be able to help you.

Ask the affected person to smile. If he is not able to do this, or the result is a kind of grimace, you should become attentive and ask many questions. This can help you to see if the affected person has suffered from a stroke or not.

Regular movement is the best prevention against a stroke, because movement stimulates the blood flow, the blood pressure rises and the heart pumps faster and harder.

With it the blood vessels narrow and you risk the chances of having a stroke. However, with previous damages caused by high blood pressure, you should undertake only light exercise.

Hypertension can Cause Strokes

Smoking and being overweight are other risk factors for a stroke, and are just as serious as high blood pressure. Smoking too can narrow the vessels.

Being overweight can also cause high blood pressure and high fat values in the blood. This fat in the blood can thicken meaning the heart has to work harder to pump the blood increasing the possibility of suffering from a stroke.

Lemon is very good to help you to reduce fat. You can consume as much as you like as it is good for you. You can also use it in the bath room hand wash basin with lemon to keep the room smelling fresh.

There are also obstacles in the blood stream which can also causes strokes. Apple vinegar also helps to reduce better blood pressure. 

Healthy food and regular exercise can help reduce blood pressure and you live will generally improve. Causal hypertension must be treated.

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