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Hypertension in Chinese medicine TCM

Blood pressure in Chinese medicine TCM

What do we mean by TCM?

TCM stands for traditional Chinese medicine. If a person is healthy and feels well then he lives in harmony. Its inner and outer energies are balanced. If he is sick, then he has moved away from this harmonious balance. If energy is condensed in one place then there is too much energy, creating a traffic jam, and then somewhere in the body there is too little energy which creates a shortage. TCM balances these discordant energies.

Most people know by now that all the energies of the body travel via energy pathways. A person is in a power jam or deficiency if any of these energy lines cannot be optimally supplied. The body’s harmony is disturbed.

Blood pressure in Chinese Medicine (TCM )

The name says it all: it's either too high or too low pressure in the body. Also, the blood runs in a system of veins and arteries. It provides the body with all the necessary nutrients and vital substances and disposes of unwanted substances. Powerful oxygen-rich blood is supplied to the organs and then it travels back to the lungs where it is revitalized. With high blood pressure in the body, a permanent traffic jam is created, which should be cured to ensure optimal care. The blood pressure in Chinese medicine is also tested through the meridians and treated accordingly. People with low blood pressure often feel tired and don’t have a lot of energy because the body cannot supply energy well. People with high blood pressure however, mostly feel under pressure and have always felt the need to constantly do something. Therefore, when blood pressure is accumulating it is therefore very important to reduce it. A doctor should test how well the organs are supplied and at which point there is a traffic jam. He can then distribute, or redirect the flow of traffic in your body.

But no doctor can produce lasting success, if the cause of a disease can’t be detected. High blood pressure is produced whenever there is too much pressure in our lives. We mostly believe that this pressure always acts from the outside and that this pressure comes from some kind of external event. As a result, a more relaxed person will hardly suffer from high blood pressure. Pressure always produces more pressure and puts even further pressure on us. When this happens our body will eventually have to fight it, and this can lead to problems which in turn will make us realize that we should finally relax. If we are unable to do this ourselves we should go to a doctor and seek help. With high blood pressure, the doctor is always looking for a traffic jam and ties reduce the resulting pressure and put the body back into a harmonious state. In case of low blood pressure, the doctor will stimulate and activate the energy from its deficient state. In both cases, the organs of the body are no longer receiving optimal care and respond accordingly with visual and tactile alarm signals, such as pain, weight gain or loss, feeling hot or cold, and paleness or redness. 

Too high pressure, however, is more dangerous than too little pressure. Therefore, reducing high blood pressure is particularly important so as not to cause the body even more problems at some point in the future. We need to resolve the traffic jam because it could cause a possible heart attack and to this the energy needs to move freely. The blood pressure in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is therefore a very important analytical focus in the overall health of a person.

A TCM pharmacy can give you valuable tips on traditional Chinese drugs which can help to lower high blood pressure.

The diet in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In order to reduce blood pressure, you should avoid heavy foods that burden the body with extra digestion. With light food you can relax better.