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High blood pressure – the most important things

High blood pressure or hypertension has become a national disease. In Central Europe, about 20% of the population suffer from it. From a value of 140/90 mm Hg is called hypertension and if it is left untreated it can lead to more serious conditions such as a heart attack or even stroke. Therefore, treatment of this problem is very important. People need to reduce their blood pressure as soon as they can and if it is not too high it can easily be reduced by changing a few lifestyle habits.

Lower blood pressure naturally

By some measure, the blood pressure can be reduced; however, this is only to a certain degree. A very high blood pressure should always be treated by an experienced doctor with medication. On our website you will find a list of doctors who have a lot of experience in the field of hypertension. However, the following things outline in this article can also help to support simultaneous drug treatment. So how can you lower blood pressure naturally?

Above all many doctors recommend more exercise, a healthy diet, low salt intake, removal of nicotine and a reduction in your weight if you happen to be overweight. One of the best things to reduce your blood pressure is to stop smoking and there are number of products available to help you to quick cigarettes, e.g. nicotine patches. Moreover, stress can have a negative impact on blood pressure. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training can help with stress and it can be easily learned in specialised courses and these techniques can easily be integrated into everyday life. Last but not least, you can also reduce your blood pressure by lowering your weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many insurance companies will pay for such treatments, especially if it is connected with high blood pressure. 

We recommend that Health Care Golf Hotel (www.golfhotel.at). Some of our editors have been able to lower their blood pressure to a normal level. However, most insurance won’t cover this expensive form of treatment. Table salt is extremely harmful for people with high blood pressure and it should therefore be consumed only in small quantities. Alternatively, food can be seasons with fresh aromatic herbs, but there are also ready-make herbal blends available. “Fondor”, “fleur de sel” or sea salt and crystal salt are highly recommended. You can also buy exercise videos that can easily be found online and then do exercises in the comfort of your own home. There is a big selection of exercise videos including things like yoga, gymnastics and aerobics.

You will also find some books that will provide you with clear instructions for doing exercise. There are some very well-illustrated books that will really make it very easy for you to start exercising. We would recommend this option, especially for beginners.

In order to lower your blood pressure, it can also be beneficial to go for instructed strength training. A trained instructor will be able to help you and most gyms offer various courses. Muscle building results in a strong metabolism which will help you to lower your blood pressure naturally. The largest health club in Germany with the most branches are McFit with 850,000 members and monthly fee of less than 20 euros. Fitness First Germany has about 250,000 members and monthly fee of about 35 euros. Kieser Training has 250,000 members and INJOY has around 200,000 members. In Austria there are about 500 gyms and in Switzerland there are even more with about 600 gyms. It’s easy to find a gym that offers the program you need to help you to improve you blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure with medication

If an elevated blood pressure as found, the doctor will suggest a treatment with medication. It is important that this medication be taken regularly. The goal of the treatment is to lower the blood pressure in order to minimise the risks associated with high blood pressure. Usually the medication with start with a low dose to keep the side effects low and in some cases medications are combined to achieve the desired effect. The rule is that it is better to use several resources in low does in combination as a preparation to the maximum dose. A whole series of drugs are available to lower blood pressure. The most well-known ones include beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, sartans (AT1 – blockers), diuretics and calcium antagonists. Beta blockers are among the most commonly taken drugs and they will protect the heart from the stress home known as adrenaline. ACE inhibitors inhibit the formation of angiotensin, a hormone that constricts the vessels. ACE inhibitors are generally well-tolerated and often prescribed. Another way to treat high blood pressure is with sartans, an effect similar to ACE inhibitors, but are better tolerated by some patients. Diuretics are usually combined with other blood pressure medicines and increase water and salt excretion of the kidneys. When taking diuretics potassium levels should be monitored regularly. There are also frequently prescribed calcium antagonists. They lower blood pressure by its vasodilatory effect.

But a good way is to accompany the drugs with dietary supplements. There are many natural substances that can really provide some great relief for the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. On our self-help portal for hypertension patients, we show a variety of approaches from traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine, Tibetan medicine and possible relief from cures found all over the world. Examples of these worldwide cures include Korean red ginseng, base powder, vitamin complexes, beetroot, garlic, mistletoe, Hirtentäscheltee, homeopathy, apple cider vinegar, special honeys, cell salts, Omega3 supplements, Rauwolfina, hawthorn berry, ginger, arnica, mallow, dates, chestnuts, Canadian bloodroot, Canadian turmeric, the Q10 enzyme and a lot more. 

As you can see there are many things to consider if you find that you suffer from high blood pressure. You’ll want to ensure that you do everything that you can to reduce your blood pressure and ensure that you seek medical advice before doing anything.