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Is Heredity Responsible for Hypertension?

Heredity reasons for high blood pressure
Maybe the hypertension is in your genes

High Blood Pressure and Inheritance

High blood pressure can have many causes. However, there is not usually one direct cause to be found. If this does happen then it’s called primary hypertension. If the illness has its origin in DNA passed down from the previous generation, then it’s simply kept in the family.

If it is diagnosed early, there doesn’t need to be a big risk of hypertension. Hypertension is two or three times more likely to strike if your mother or father had it before you. Similarly, you can pass it down to your children too.

There have also been studies featuring twins where it was found that DNA was the reason for high blood pressure in each twin. 

In extremely rare cases, hypertension can be caused by hereditary factors in the genes.

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Can High Blood Pressure Be Stopped?

Genetic disposition for hypertension
Can high blood pressure be caused by genetic dispositions

If there are both genetic defects and other external factors for the hypertension (high blood pressure), there is a chance to remedy the situation. You often hear the state that many people in a family suffer from high blood pressure. Yet it is still difficult to identify exactly which gene causes the all the trouble. However, there hereditary variations.

Nearly half of people suffering from hypertension have high blood pressure because of hereditary reasons. We recommend that you take immediate steps to reduce your high blood pressure.

Genes are Very Important with High Blood Pressure

The exact genetic architecture is still largely unknown. But it is clear that in a lot of cases of high blood pressure hereditary factors play a role. You should reduce your salt intake as salt can also increase your blood pressure.

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Genetic Mutations can lead to High Blood Pressure

However, it is unclear whether these rare genetic mutations affect families with high blood pressure and which ones are responsible. These rare genes also have hereditary variations, so it’s difficult to know which ones are the direct cause to the inheritance of hypertension.

Researchers deal with both variations extensively, but it is still largely unknown which particular strand of DNA is responsible for high blood pressure.

Many thousands of people have been studied for high blood pressure and a direct cause from hereditary reasons is clear.

Often these genetic faults are accompanied by other problems which can cause high blood pressure. So it’s even more rarely diagnosed correctly as the hereditary variation of high blood pressure.

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