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The lemon diet for high blood pressure

The lemon diet for high blood pressure

Help with hypertension 

If you have high blood pressure you can lose weight fast with the lemon diet 

Lose Weight with Vitamin C 

The lemon diet can come in different forms and with different variants. In Hollywood, losing weight with Vitamin C is all the rage. Many famous stars swear by this diet and often live for days with only the juice of the fruit. But you do not have to such a strict procedure but you can drink plenty of lemon juice and must also adhere to a special diet. 

The lemon has a special fat-soluble effect. So a bowl of lemon juice is served in good restaurants after dinner. For those with hypertension, the lemon has wonderful effect. This makes the fat separates from the fingers. The lemon also acts similarly inside us. The fat is dissolved and removed from the gastric and intestinal walls. The lemon helps us in losing weight. It also strongly restricts our appetite due to its high vitamin C content. It is extremely healthy and strengthens the immune system, especially in winter. 

The lemon can lower high blood pressure 

Losing weight and hypertension 

High blood pressure patients must pay attention to every kilo 

The diet program around the lemon diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as good fish and nuts, eggs, poultry, lean meat and low-fat cheese, yogurt, mushrooms and wholesome cereal products. Avoid sugar and sugary foods 

Immediately after getting up the first glass of lemon juice is drunk with plenty of water. The ingestion of large amounts of water flooded from the kidneys and also helps in removal of waste products. Between meals drink again a big glass of lemon juice diluted with water. 

If you are still hungry after dinner you can again drink a glass of lemon juice and if that does not help eating nuts. 

If you prefer a different form of the diet then you can, but you still need to regularly consume lemons. Anyway, you should incorporate lemon into our weight loss program for high blood pressure patients. 

Hypertensive patients and the lemon diet 

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to their weight 

Slimming with the lemon diet, whether with juice or with an accompanying diet program, should not last longer than about 10 days because the acid in the lemons attack the gastrointestinal walls and you may end up with stomach cramps. Also the mouth can become rough and start to hurt.

The success in weight loss with the lemon diet is mostly very good, but as soon as you eat normal again the dreaded yo-yo effect will appear. Consider whether all this effort is worth it to be permanently healthy and slim after your finish the diet.

This diet is especially good on cold days because the vitamin C can help to keep you warm during this season. Patients with high blood pressure should give the lemon diet a try!