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High blood pressure - Lercanidipine

High blood pressure - lercanidipine

Lercanidipine belongs to the group of calcium channel blockers and is a drug which is successfully used to treat high blood pressure. Lercanidipine is well known for its rapid efficacy and good tolerability. This drug for high blood pressure is best taken on an empty stomach.

The drug, lercanidipine is also known to have a negative impact on blood sugar levels.

Mono preparations contain pharmacologically active ingredients and are sold under the following names: Carmen, Corifeo, Zanidip and lercanidipine generics.

Combination products contain several ingredients and are combined with enalapril under the following trade names: Carmen ACE, Lercaprel, Zaneril, Zanipress and Zanipril.

Mode of action of lercanidipine

Lercandipin: high blood pressure calcium channel blockers

The calcium antagonist Lercandipin is used for hypertension

This drug for high blood pressure works by blocking the opening of the calcium channels of the smooth muscle cells in the arteries. The arteries will be extended without having an adverse effect on the heart.

This drug, regardless of the plasma levels, establishes itself in the cell membrane and creates a kind of depot. By using this drug against hypertension, it is possible to block the calcium channels.


This medicine acts very quickly and is used for the treatment of moderate hypertension, but only if the patient to be treated for high blood pressure has no organ-related cause.

Through the active ingredient lercanidipine, the high blood pressure can be lowered gently but effectively. Lercanidipine belongs to the class of drugs called calcium channel blockers and is taken orally in tablet form in the prescribed dosage by the doctor. Lercanidipine should be taken 15 minutes before a meal.

Side effects of lercanidipine

The side effects of this drug (lercanidipine) are very low, as it is well tolerated in general and side effects are generally divided into three groups:

a) Uncommon: palpitations, headache, dizziness, edema, and hot flashes.

b) Rare: angina, pain in the heart area, drowsiness, diarrhea and nausea.

c) Very rare (1 in 10 000 patients): heart attacks, fainting, increase in liver enzymes and severe angina.

Interactions of lercanidipine

The drug can be taken with: ketoconazole, itraconazole, erythromycin, troleandomycin, ritonavir, cyclosporine and grapefruit juice.

Taking lercanidipine, for example, at the same time as a drug used for a fungal infection a, may enhance the effect of the medication for hypertension.

Here you can read more about the calcium antagonists Manidipin and its application in high blood pressure.

Application of the calcium channel blocker lercanidipine

Side effects of lercanidipine

Various types of calcium channel blockers

In general there are 2 different types of calcium antagonists (calcium channel blockers), namely the non-dihydropyridine and the dihydropyridines.

Non-dihydropyridines are:

- diltiazem

Dihydropyridines are:

- Felodipine
- Isradipine
- Lacidipine
- Lercanidipine

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