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High blood pressure – Levobunolol

Hypertension - Levobunolol

Levobunolol is a popular drug for high blood pressure and it is part of the beta-blocker group, which is characterized by a blood pressure-lowering and heart rate regulating effect.

Mode of Action

Betaadrenorezeptoren is responsible for receiving neurotransmitters of the sympathetic nervous system.

Among these include adrenalin and noradrenalin, which (like all messengers of the sympathetic system) increases in the body as a preparation for fighting or escaping danger.

The effect of the drug is that the active ingredient molecules block the supply of neurotransmitters to Betaadrenorezeptoren.

The receptors are located in the heart, are various organs. Therefore, beta-blockers have a very broad scope and are distributed in different subgroups.

Nomenclature of levobunolol

Levobunolol beta-blockers bring help with hypertension

The beta-blocker levobunolol is often applied to patients with high blood pressure

Nomenclature in the beta-blockers are non-selective and 1-and 2-selective beta-blockers.

Levobunolol belongs to the group of non-selective beta-blockers, i.e. it inhibits the effect of beta-1 and beta-2-like adrenoreceptoren.

The effect of 1-selective beta-blockers is limited to the beta-1-adrenoreceptors. They are in the heart and are responsible for the acceleration of the heart rate and they increase the blood pressure.

2 selective beta-blocker influence the beta-2 adrenoceptors. These are located in the smooth muscle of the airways and cause a proliferation of the lungs to increase their capacity.

Trade Names

Active compounds from the group of beta-blockers can be seen by the -olol ending.

Application in regulation of blood pressure:

Based on its hypotensive and cardiac rhythm-regulating effect Levobunolol is used in the form of tablets in hypertension (high blood pressure), heart rhythm disorders, and chest tightness.

Another application of Levobunolol

In the pharmaceutical market, the active ingredient in the form of eye drops is available. As the they produce a reduction of the eye chamber pressure. However, since the substance can also get into the blood system, the drug should not be used on patients with severe low blood pressure or asthma.

Side effects and contraindications:

Since Levobutanolol is a nonselective beta-blockers, you should be very careful not to take them if you have asthma, because it works against asthma medication and produces a narrowing of the airways which cause a seizure or long-term breathing difficulties.

Other possible symptoms:

In some cases the hypertension drug may cause discomfort such as dizziness, headaches or fatigue.

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Nomenclature of the beta blocker levobunolol

Further application of levobunolol

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