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Lose a kilo every week 

Losing weight and hypertension 

High blood pressure patients need to constantly count calories 

Lose a kilo every week - how it works 

Unrealistic goals while losing weight can quickly lead to failure especially when you don’t notice any difference. You will become frustrated and stop your diet which will create mood swings or even depression. Therefore, a good diet needs to be varied, full of vitamins and proteins and rich in fresh vegetables and fruit. 

If you are not familiar with the feeling of frustration you will fail in your diet. Hunger will lead you back the refrigerator again and again, and you will run back and forth like a tiger and in the end you will give in. However, it doesn’t need to be like this and if you suffer from high blood pressure you should really try and reach your goals. 

Therefore, you should not make unrealistic promises with regards to weight loss. Look for a diet plan that lets you lose weight and provides tasty and nutritious meals. With high blood pressure, this is especially important. A healthy and effective diet should definitely include the following components: protein and vegetables, and a desire to lose weight.

Losing weight is extremely important for high blood pressure 

A lot of protein is important in any diet. A lack of protein in your diet can shrink your muscles and you will have weight loss from the loss of muscle, not the loss of fat. Fish are high in protein and contains vitamins. It’s easy to cook and it delicious.

Try a vegetable sauce or a delicious asparagus, with some diced ham, 250 ml of broth, salt and pepper, and 100 ml of cream yogurt. This can be prepared in a short time and is a great tasting meal. It provides all the key ingredients for a successful weight loss program.

Occassionally you can eat a small piece of steak, chicken breast, egg whites and dairy products like butter or sour milk to provide the necessary protein.


Fresh vegetables are great and you do not really need to eat a lot to be healthy. Vegetables contain essential vitamins and nutrients and should be the cornerstone of your diet.

Even raw food can be eaten. Try a delicious and healthy dip with vegetable sticks. It tastes really good and can counteract a small appetite for food. 

Vegetables and high blood pressure is especially important. 

Fiber and water 

Pay attention to your weight 

Hypertensive patients need to diet 

A good plan for losing weight always contains polysaccharides, which can be found in foods such as cereals (whole grains), fruits or vegetables. Fiber is essential for a functioning digestive system and is important for health.


The importance of drinking enough water is well known. But do we really drink enough? You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day under normal circumstances. And if you are very active or live in a hot country, then it should be at least 3 litres. If you suffer from high blood pressure you should always drink enough water.

You should place special emphasis on the nature of the water. Avoid carbonated water as it can cause problems with losing weight and contains more acids. 

And these acids inhibit weight loss success. Bind the acids with still water so they can then be discharged in the urine.

If you can follow this simple advice every week you will notice that you are losing a kilo a week. Continue until you have reached your desired weight. Keep track of your goal and do not let yourself be swayed. Every diet is difficult!