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Lose weight with enjoyment and fun - Lose weight for high blood pressure 

Losing weight in hypertension 

With high blood pressure, you must pay particular attention to your weight. And it’s important to make losing weight a pleasurable thing. Do you want to finally get rid of the excess pounds but are afraid to have to give up everything? Do you want to be healthy and also quickly reach your desired weight but don’t know how? All these things are entirely possible!

You can eat enough, you need not starve yourself and you can still lose weight. But you do need to consider a few things.

Realistic goals for high blood pressure 

First of all you need to set realistic goals. Do not dream of 10 kg weight loss in a month because it is nearly impossible. When you fail, you will quickly become frustrated and stop trying to lose weight. A target of 2 or 3 kg a month will help you to maintain success.

And then you can slowly but surely decrease your weight further. Then you can reach your dream weight and get to your ideal figure within a few months. 

Avoid the yo-yo effect 

The desired figure 

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should pay particular attention to the calories that you consume. Almost half of all people in developed countries have been on a diet at some point. Many have tried losing weight but very few have permanently lost it.

It does not have to be that way. You reduce your weight by 10 kg in a few months and then stop with your diet. Was it not a great sense of achievement to fit back into your old pair of jeans or notice the admiring glances for your great body?


Then you lose it again because there was a family party, an invitation was followed by the next and already was the dream figure was gone and your jeans did not fit again and the admiring glances stopped coming. This is known as the yo-yo effect.

High blood pressure patients should avoid the yo-yo effect 

Losing weight is a slow process 

Quick and Healthy Weight Loss 

Losing weight is a long journey on a bumpy road. We need to lose weight over the long term and change our eating habits. There are no exceptions! Only those who are healthy, consume enough vitamins and have a low fat diet can get lasting success.

Lose weight with pleasure 

We all want to lose weight but we don’t want to compromise on anything. But is that possible? The clear answer is yes. We can lose weight quickly, healthily and do it whilst enjoying ourselves.


First of all, we need to analyse our eating habits and then draw the right conclusions. Why are we fat? What do we eat? What do we drink? When we deal honestly with these issues, we can begin the weight loss process. We can eat enough food and not starve ourselves if we eat the right thing. But what is the right thing?