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Solutions in hypertension

Solutions in hypertension

High blood pressure patients need to constantly pay attention to their weight. Our ancestors did not have a supermarket nearby where they could buy their food. Meat had to be hunted under great danger and berries and fruits had to be collected. Carbohydrates were pretty much non-existent for hunters and gatherers. Then agriculture was slowly introduced and people could cultivate crops, but the yield was low and the effort to grow them was great.

These people were also very slim and they didn’t need to lose weight. Then, when the industrial revolution came about, food gave people some relief from their hard work in the factory.

As history suggests, we are not geared for a lot of food with little movement.

And so we began to accumulate fat reserves. This is a natural process of the body and we keep some reserves in case we need them at some point in the future.

Now that we know how the body responds to too much food and what we do with the excess calories, we must consider what our personal situation looks like. We are too fat, we want to lose weight and we secretly know how to go about it.

Break through the spiral and make your diet a healthy and natural one. Eat fresh produce, raw foods and avoid blood sugar fluctuations in binge eating. 

Water, water and more water!

Drink plenty of natural water because water is an alkaline and binds excess acids in the body. The acidity contributes much to an imbalance in the body and should be avoided at all costs. 

Also the alcohol affects our body. If you want to lose weight permanently you should try drinking tea instead of alcohol and don’t eat after 7 o’clock in the evening.

Enjoy your meals, eat slowly and avoid fatty foods. Only then will you be and stay slim and prevent future weight gain.