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high blood pressure - Lose weight and stay slim

Lose weight and stay slim for high blood pressure 

Losing weight and hypertension 

Every kilogram of excess weight can affect hypertension.

How to lose weight quickly and healthily and then stay thin 

The developed world is getting fatter - that's a fact. The question is do you want to be fat or finally get rid of those pesky pounds? We tell you much lose weight healthily and sustainably. 

The new diets from the United States are becoming more daring, and confusing with high carb, low carb, Atkins diet, and more. But a diet is one thing; life after your diet is another. 

To stay lean you have to change your eating habits permanently and incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  Only then your achievements will stay with you and you can enjoy your perfect body for longer. The yo-yo effect is particularly damaging. Being overweight can be lethal. Obesity and hypertension is particularly dangerous. Everybody knows that the yo-yo effect is bad.

First, small sins creep in, and then comes a festival or a special occasion and you think to yourself, 'well, one is OK' and then perhaps comes frustration at work or some problem in your private life, and you're back in the old spiral of dieting and gaining weight. The annoying thing is that you know why you are gaining weight. It is not about how much we eat but what we eat. Do you eat vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish, or do you eat roast pork with dumplings, fatty sauces and drink a few beers?

We know why we grow. But some dishes are so tasty and we can’t stop eating them! If we are perfectly willing to keep healthy and only eat wholesome, low in fat and rich in vitamins food will we stay thin. When we eat as we have done in the past to our weight will surely start to increase again.

Obesity makes hypertension worse. In obesity, the heart suffers. High blood pressure is greatly amplified by obesity. Almost every second woman and every third person in the developed world has started a diet to lose weight. But were these people able to maintain long-term success? The answer is unfortunately, no.

Only about 15% of the people who diet actually achieve long-term success. We know deep inside how our success should be maintained. Only by changing our habits can we achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our ancestors rarely had high blood pressure