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Lower blood pressure due to sunlight

For those who suffer from high blood pressure and are reluctant to rely on permanent medications, a new study could provide a remedy. According to this study, British researchers found that with the help of sunlight, the blood pressure can be reduced permanently.

In the 1980s doctors revealed the fact that their patients often have higher blood pressure in the winter rather than in the summer. Moreover, it was also proved that people suffering from hypertension increased the further they lived from the equator.

Now researchers and physicians were able to demonstrate in testing that an increased concentration in the top layers of skin to nitric oxide, which originated most likely in direct UVA radiation, leads to higher blood pressure. Nitric oxide ensures a dilation of blood vessels and thus leads to a lower blood pressure. To understand therefore whether it is possible using sunlight to combat hypertension, a total of 24 patients were irradiated over a period of 20 minutes with a UVA lamp. The result was a reduction in both systolic and diastolic value, the latter even fell by 4.9 mm/Hg. Expressed in other terms, this meant a reduction in the risk of stroke by 34%, and the risk of myocardial infarction was reduced by 21%. Even 30 minutes after completion of the irradiation lower blood pressure levels were also found. Only then it slowly increased.

From the results, the doctors concluded that patients with hypertension who stay long in the open air, and thus in the sun, can reduce their levels over a longer period of time. In order to manifest the results of the study and exclude the fact that the reduction in blood pressure was due to the warming of the skin, the subjects were temporarily covered with an aluminium foil. The skin was warmed but there was no UVA radiation to the skin. Consequently, no reduction in blood pressure could be ascertained. In other measurements, the researchers found that by UVA radiation, the concentration of nitrite in the skin increased, whereas on the other hand, the concentration of nitrates was lowered.

The doctors figured out that every patient with high blood pressure can reduce their pressure permanently if he exposes himself every day to a certain amount of direct sunlight. Although dermatologists do not recommend it because the risk of skin cancer is increased by excessive sun exposure, however, it should be reconsidered, according to researchers in this setting. The complete avoidance of sunlight can promote a dangerous and undesirable spread of cardiovascular disease, according to a statement. Putting your body in the sun in moderation, can minimize hypertension and it can be effective in the long term fight to reduce high blood pressure.