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The F. X. Mayr Cure and High Blood Pressure

The FX Mayr Cure can lower blood pressure significantly 

The Austrian physician Dr FX Mayr (1875 - 1965) developed his therapeutic approach as a medical officer in World War 1. He claimed that the soldiers always looked if they stayed away from 'good food', such as roast pork with dumplings and beer.

We assume that eating a lot of food is important for men to be strong. At a time when people still had to do a lot of field work this may well have been true. But since the industrial revolution and the machinery involved, our work is no longer so physical and we therefore don’t need to consume as much food.

With high blood pressure patients, the FX Mayr Cure gets outstanding results and they can reduce the hypertension dramatically.  The parent company of the Mayr Cure is in Austria and you can get information from www.golfhotel.at.

Significant reduction of high blood pressure 

Mayr Cure for Hypertension 

The Mayr cure to purify the body 

Today we know that a low-calorie diet which is low in fat and carbohydrates is the best type of diet. Dr Mayr said that people who eat moderately can be so much healthier. He came to the realization that the gut is the basis of the human organism and the intestines supply all organs with energy. If the intestine is damaged, toxins and waste products will accumulate. 

The main goal of a cure according to FX Mayr is to perform a colon cleansing to remove waste from the body. The removal is considered by Dr Mayr only as a side effect. With hypertensive cleansing the body is extremely important which, is why we recommend the Mayr cure. 

Also known as the milk-bread diet 

Parent company in Austria 

The F. X. Mayr cure and high blood pressure 

But what makes the Mayr cure special? Why do you need a colon cleansing? 

With this kind of a cure, imagine something like a holiday for the innards. The gastrointestinal tract is to be re-educated and your new should only contain a little food which is not acidic. 

The central element of Mayr Cure is the morning intake of Epsom salt, a natural and gentle laxative that will dissolve in the intestine. 

The actual diet program consists of 3 different diets. 

Particularly serious cases are treated with the first form of nutrition, the tea-fasting. Here the patient is given different teas that he must take in a special way. The tea is taken by the spoonful and to achieve a feeling of satisfaction.

In the 2nd stage, the tea is complemented with milk and cakes. The cakes should be eaten in small pieces and chewed thoroughly. Then the cake is washed down with a teaspoon of milk. This level is for most patients, the initial stage is because level 1 is only used for severe cases. In the evening, you should try to tea with milk again and a few bread rolls.

Structure of the food Mayr Cure 

Mayr Cure and high blood pressure 

With high blood pressure the Mayr cure can shows very good results

In the third stage, the so-called mild dissipation stage, now adds more food. However, the food at this stage is very healthy (mainly vegetables without a lot of fat, and some lean meat). For breakfast, you can treat yourself to bread and milk, a soft-boiled egg or a little lean ham. For lunch milk and bread is a light meal replacement. Also at this stage, a so-called base soup can be eaten at the beginning of the meal. For dinner again you can fast with tea or a few slice of lean ham that you must chew well. 

In the next stage more and more food is (such as yogurt) added for breakfast and lunch portions are larger and more varied. In the evening you should still try tea fasting or consume foods with only a little protein such as lean ham or some goat cheese with pumpkin seed oil.

You need to understand the importance of frequent chewing so that the mind is fooled into feeling full. If you do not chew at least 30 times for each bite you stay hungry for longer. 

We recommend the Mayr cookbook `light diet according to FX Mayr` by Dr. Erich Rauch and Peter Mayr. 

The FX Mayr Cure helps hypertension patient’s blood pressure to reduce naturally. The Mayr cure is now popular all over Europe, the U.S. and nearly all over the world. 

Here we particularly recommend the parent company of Mayr cure, the FX Mayr health centre and the Golf Hotel (www.golfhotel.at in) in Carinthia / Austria. This centre has been following the principles of FX Mayr for nearly 40 years and therefore has really in-depth knowledge about hypertension and offers specially tailored cures for patients. 

Candida infestation is one of the main causes of high blood pressure and hypertension. Here the teachings of the Austrian physician Dr. Mayr, can help to reduce blood pressure naturally.