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Blood Pressure - the Measurement

Hypertension requires regular monitoring
Blood flow produces a sound that we can measure

Hypertension requires regular monitoring

Taking a blood pressure measurement is a quick, painless and harmless procedure. Your blood pressure measurement provides a better picture of the cardiovascular function rather than the pulse measurement.

The blood pressure measurement is of great importance in individuals with myocardial infarction for following-up a previous problem or for the early detection of cardiogenic shock, as well as control of therapy in persons with hypertension.

Measure the arterial blood pressure

A cuff that can be inflated is placed on your arm over the brachial artery. During deflation of the cuff, the pressure decreases and the blood will flow for a short time. When a little blood goes through the artery the systolic pressure is taken. The blood flow produces a sound that can be heard with the stethoscope in the elbow.

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Regularly measure your High Blood Pressure

The important blood pressure monitoring
Why should we monitor our blood pressure?

Just as long as the blood vessel is open, you can hear a sound. It comes from the fact that as long as the cuff constricts the blood vessel partially, a disorderly flow is created. When the cuff pressure higher than the systolic pressure, one hears nothing, since no blood can pass through the compressed blood vessel.

If the cuff pressure is lower than the diastolic blood pressure, you hear nothing, because the blood flow has returned to normal. The duration of the noise is determined by taking into account the period of time when the cuff pressure is lower than the blood pressure. 

The cuff width should be approximately half of the upper arm circumference and the congestion should not take more than a minute, as this could cause errors in the measurement.

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What about Hypertension?

The blood pressure value is an instantaneous value. This means that, a one-time increase in the measurement isn’t enough to diagnose high blood pressure. Even a visit to the doctor can distort the blood pressure value.

Therefore, the person should always spend about ten to twenty minutes in silence, before a measurement is taken. The value also varies with the body. If the measurement is, for example, in a sitting position, the measurements must be performed repeatedly in a sitting position.

Only when at least thirty measurements exceed 135/85 mmHg, will you be diagnosed with hypertension. Especially when talking about high blood pressure, it is important that the measurement is always carried out on the same arm, and at the same time. The gauges must be the same.

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Measure the venous Pressure

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
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The venous blood pressure in the express jugular vein can be roughly estimated if one person is lying down and they raise their head until the stretched blood-filled vein empties. More precisely, one can measure the venous pressure by connecting a saline glass tube with mm-graduation via an injection cannula into a vein in your arm.

Hypertension - high systolic and diastolic values

It is important to distinguish between the systolic and diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the highest number and the lowest number is the diastolic arterial pressure. Blood pressure is recorded as a sound and is expressed in millimetres of mercury, for example, 120/70 mmHg, wherein the first number is the systolic and the second number is the diastolic pressure.

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Long-term Blood Pressure Measurement

Upper arm and wrist blood pressure measuring instruments
How to monitor your blood pressure with upper arm and forearm measuring instruments

The long-term blood pressure measurement with the aid of special instruments

Suspected cases of hypertension or substantial variations in blood pressure require a long-term blood pressure measurement to be performed.

The cuff remains on the upper arm for twenty four hours and every fifteen to thirty minutes, the blood pressure value is recorded. Thus, a daily profile can be created and high blood pressure can be either diagnosed or excluded.

Instruments for self-control

For hypertension, it is important to have an instrument for self-measuring.

However, before one of the many instruments is purchased, you should seek specific advice from specialist retailers and the upper arm or wrist cuff must fit exactly.

The cuff should never be applied to the garment. These modern, battery-powered instruments get good readings. The measurement can also be stored.