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Hypertension - General Measures

High blood pressure, also called hypertension can be treated with simple and general measures. Thus, the high blood pressure is lowered.

Those who change their lifestyle properly can effectively reduce blood pressure without medication. Even if drugs still need to be taken, a change in lifestyle means that the medication can be reduced. This in turn means that there will also be a decrease in the side-effects suffered from taking any such medication.

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The Right Diet with High Blood Pressure

The main factor to take into account is the diet. Hypertension can be positively influenced with the right foods. In particular, the adequate intake of salt is very important. 

Most people consume 12 to 15 grams of sodium chloride a day. This amount, however, is much too high and threatens health. Salt must be reduced to a daily quantity of four to six grams. Thus, the blood pressure is lowered in a natural way. 

Some people are considered to be "salt sensitive". In this case, the daily amount of sodium chloride should be reduced even further to around three grams per day. Freshly prepared food with little salt is also good to treat hypertension naturally. 

Finished products such as meat and cheese products are usually heavily salted, which is why they should be avoided. Often everyday foods have a high salt content. Bread and rolls on average contain one gram of sodium chloride per 100grams. 

The amount of salt is roughly as large as those which are contained in chips. Hot meals such as rice and noodles should always be cooked without salt. An alternative to salt are other herbs and spices. Table salt is extremely harmful for people with high blood pressure and it should therefore be consumed only in small quantities.

Those who suffer from hypertension should mainly eat fruit and vegetables. Blood pressure can be significantly reduced by eating these types of foods.

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Overweight and High Blood Pressure

One of the effective measures that can control hypertension effectively is the reduction of excess weight. So those who have a few pounds too many should make every effort to lose weight. Blood pressure can be significantly reduced through effective weight loss.

A reduction in body weight of only five kilograms is enough and the blood pressure will start to go down. When hypertension arises in the family, it is important that something is done soon enough to combat obesity. Children should start regular exercise from a young age.

Along with a healthy and balanced diet, better results can often be achieved without having to resort to drugs, which usually comes with numerous side-effects.

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