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Hypertension and Mistletoe

Hypertension, especially chronic hypertension, is one of the biggest threats to modern civilisation. Already one in five adults is affected by this disease, and the number continues to rise. People who suffer from high blood pressure are know all too well about the serious consequences and complications that may arise. The first priority is to prevent this dreaded disease with the reduction of hypertension. In addition to the medically prescribed drug therapy, patients with hypertension can also get numerous benefits from naturopathy.

Mistletoe the mystical medicinal plant

For more than two thousand years ago, mistletoe has been used as a medicinal plant. Initially it was believed to be a magical and mystical plant used by witches, but people soon realised the effect of mistletoe on the cardiovascular system. Due to the ingredients, mistletoe has a regulatory effect on blood pressure. People who suffer from high blood pressure are recommended to take two to three cups of Mistletoe to drink in small sips every day.

Important ingredients

High quality Mistletoe contains lectins, glucosides and flavonoids. In addition, the mistletoe leaves contain viskotoxine and other proteins. The main active ingredients found in mistletoe are the lectins, which cause blood pressure reduction.

Reduce Blood Pressure with Mistletoe

The berries of mistletoe are poisonous and are therefore not used. The leaves are either derived from the wild or from controlled cultivation. After gentle drying, the leaves are crushed. Mistletoe tea is available in the form of loose leaves or in filter bags. In order to reduce blood pressure with the help of mistletoe tea, you need to ensure that you prepare it correctly. You should douse the filter bag with boiling water and allow the mixture to brew for fifteen minutes.

If you don’t use tea bags, then one to two teaspoons of leaves should be doused with hot water and let then left to brew.

However, the leaves may have a slightly toxic effect, so the cold approach is recommended. One litre of water is poured over three teaspoons of mistletoe leaves and allowed to stand for twelve hours. Then, the tea can be gently warmed.

Lowering high blood pressure with teas

The teas for hypertension are available from different manufacturers without prescription at the pharmacy, or you can order from the comfort of your home on the internet.

DR Kottas offers a range of mistletoe and traditional herbal medicinal products.

Similarly, there are manufacturers of mistletoe tea all over the world. Due to the numerous providers of tea, the price can vary considerably.