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Montignac method for treating high blood pressure

Lose weight with the Montignac Method

Decrease high blood pressure with diet Montignac 

Lose weight with the Montignac Diet 

Generally speaking the Montignac method is way to combine different foods. The Montignac Method is based on the finding that there are three food groups: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The fats form a neutral group, which may be combined with either carbohydrates or with the proteins. All three groups may not be consumed together if you want to lose weight.

The Montignac Method is different from normal food combinations because of the distinction between good and bad carbohydrates. Bad carbohydrates are things such as sugar, white flour products and potatoes. These bad carbohydrates are banned under the Montignac diet because a lot of insulin is produced by the body and insulin is reduced after during fat loss.

A positive feature in the Montignac diet is that it provides a complete and healthy diet. The aim is the removal of weight over a long period of time. With high blood pressure this is especially important to observe a complete and healthy diet. 

A form of food combining

Hypertension and obesity 

High blood pressure patients should not be obese

Eating habits are changing and a high value is placed on the chewing of food and replacing inferior fats with vegetable fats.

Food combining in general and the Montignac diet in particular are for people who travel a lot and eat in restaurants.

Is it possible to eat potatoes, dumplings or rice, simply leave and the meat, fish, vegetables and the salad and still lose weight? With high blood pressure, it makes perfect sense. According to this method of eating, it is convenient to mix the Montignac diet with other diets. 

For example, on Monday through to Wednesday you can use the Montignac Method.  On Thursday and Friday you can try the “Low-Fat Diet” and on Saturday and Sunday you can have “free” days.

So you can lose weight quickly, but you can also get a variation of food to stay healthy. Therefore, you can also lose weight quickly and reduce your blood pressure.