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Nervousness as a symptom for High Blood Pressure

Solutions for hypertension - nervousness as a symptom
Nervousness in Hypertension

Everyone knows the feeling: The heart races, a sinking feeling in your stomach sets in, you start to sweat, become pale, and your stomach is going crazy.

This can only mean one thing: nervousness.

Not only exciting experiences, mental stress or stimulants such as caffeinated drinks can trigger nervousness; hypertension can also cause it.

During hypotension (low blood pressure) you fell tired and exhausted.

A moderately elevated blood pressure puts you in a good mood and gives you a desire for activity.

You should visit the doctor when nervous disorders such as heart palpitations, tremors, sweating attacks occur.

Because anxiety is a stress symptom, it has an alarm condition towards which enables people in dangerous moments to escape.

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The science of Nervousness and Hypertension

Permanent "alert" is hazardous and unacceptable.

Stress often brings with it nervous symptoms, and this can have negative effects on the heart.

This is known as psycho-cardiology.

William Harvey, who discovered the circulation in the 17th century, knew that whether you are feeling joy or pain, all moods can affect the heart.

Dr. Bernard Lown, the inventor of the electric shock therapy for cardiac arrhythmias confirmed this.

Many of his patients who had been resuscitated after cardiac arrest were mostly exposed to anger just before the heart attack

Cardiac arrhythmias occur with emotional stress.

Some American cardiologists said that after the terrorist attacks of September 9, 2001, stressful situations that are short-term can cause “white coat hypertension”.

The blood pressure increases because there is a fear of the doctor and this can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

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Nervousness promotes stress and High Blood Pressure

Nervousness and stress - hypertension dangerous
Nervousness in Hypertension

Chronic stress, however, causes a permanent activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which leads to permanently high adrenaline levels in the blood and blood vessel constriction.

This leads to high blood pressure (hypertension), because the passage of the blood through the narrowed vessels is restricted and the pressure required to keep the blood flowing increases. 

For those who suffer permanently from nervous tension should investigate the cause and eliminate possible triggers.

However, since many psychologically stressful factors such as debt and disease can’t be fixed by taking relaxing measures such as sufficient sleep, spa treatments and more.

Hobbies are often helpful to counteract nervousness and thereby help to reduce hypertension.

When you are overweight, weight loss can benefit because the hormone leptin is produced, which in turn helps to keep you calm.

Depending on the extent of the increase in blood pressure, the physician might decide on additional treatment of hypertension through drugs.


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