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High blood pressure - Nitrendipine

High blood pressure - nitrendipine

Nitrendipine is a drug which belongs to the family of calcium channel blockers and 1,4-dihydropyridines. It is used against high blood pressure, and it is frequently administered for arterial hypertension.

The substance expands the arteries and veins and is used against specific elevated blood pressure which has no organic causes. The remedy for high blood pressure is taken orally with a glass of water, and it has the highest potency after about an hour.

There are several trade names for drugs which have this ingredient, they are: Nitre-Puren and Jutapress.

Mode of action

The mode of action of nitrendipine is quite complex. First, it causes a blockage of the calcium current. Now, calcium cannot influence the heart muscle, smooth muscle or get into the conduction system of the heart.

The calcium channel blocker nitrendipine

Nitrendipine as calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure

Oxygen consumption is reduced. There is an afterload, which is caused by an extension of the smooth muscle of arteries.

The dihydropyridines do not act on the heart; they only act on the vessels which sets them apart from other calcium channel blockers.

Side effects

Like any other drug to treat hypertension, taking nitrendipine may cause some side effects. Very often it can lead to blood flow surges, which are associated with headaches. Occasionally you may experience dizziness, sensory disturbances, fatigue, palpitations and a faster heartbeat.

It may cause side effects in the gastrointestinal area, such as nausea, diarrhoea or vomiting. It may also lead to a reduction of the red and white blood cells.

A very rare side effect is gingival overgrowth.

Nitrendipine and hypertension

In some individuals side effects were noted on the ​​skin, such as redness, itching or a mild burning sensation.

During long-term therapy in very old people, it has caused breast growth, but this is very rare.


If at the same time other drugs for high blood pressure are administered, it can lead to an excessive reduction of blood pressure, which is accompanied by severe nausea and fatigue. Antidepressants, stomach acid medications and dehydrating agents also lead to this unpleasant effect.

When taken with antiarrhythmic drugs, it may lead to a weakening of the effect of beta blockers. Muscle relaxants have a longer effect, when taken together with the beta blocker.

You shouldn’t avoid grapefruit with the drug, since a degradation of nitrendipine bodies is prevented, which potentiates the blood pressure lowering effect.

Here you can read more about the calcium antagonist verapamil and its application in high blood pressure.

The calcium channel blocker nitrendipine

Nitrendipine with high blood pressure

Various types of calcium channel blockers

In general there are 2 different types of calcium antagonists (calcium channel blockers), namely the non-dihydropyridine and the dihydropyridines.

Non-dihydropyridines are:

- diltiazem

Dihydropyridines are:

- Felodipine
- Isradipine
- Lacidipine
- Lercanidipine

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