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Blood Pressure - normal Values

Normal blood pressure value explained
What are normal blood pressure values?

Heart attack or kidney damage - high blood pressure can cause both!

160 to 90? 120 to 80? What blood pressure levels are healthy and normal?

When it comes to the issue of blood pressure, most people have different opinions as to what actually is high blood pressure.

As a rule of thumb, blood pressure is normal when you reach a level of 120/80 mmHg. The systolic value is the first value (120 mmHg). This is determined when the heart muscle contracts to carry the blood to the systemic circulation.

The lower, often referred to as the second value (80 mmHg), is called the diastolic value. This is caused during the relaxation phase of the heart when the heart chambers fill with blood again.

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Normal Values of Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure
Normal blood pressure and its values

However, many circumstances lead to a temporary increase in heart rate. These mainly include stress, alcohol and nicotine addiction, as well as exercise. To get normal value of your blood pressure, you should always measure the resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Subsequently, the normal blood pressure values are adjusted according to age:

At age 0-2 years, it should have a normal blood pressure value of 120 mmHg.

At the age of 4 years, the value drops to 100 mmHg.

At the age between 10 - 14 years, the normal blood pressure value is 85 mmHg.

The pulse frequency directly correlates with the age and fitness. 

Adult humans should have a blood pressure normal value between 70-80 mmHg and the elderly (senior citizens) should have a blood pressure value between 80 - 85 mmHg.

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Notes for normal Blood Pressure

Performance athletes have lower normal blood pressure values.

Stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol or nicotine increase the pulse rate and the normal blood pressure values.

Men have lower normal blood pressure values than women.

Some drugs speed up or slow down the heart rate. Blood pressure in patients who have taken beta-blockers will show a clear slowing of the pulse.

In, for example, physical exercise, the systolic blood pressure rises steadily. Values between 190-220 mmHg are deemed to be normal. When the values reach higher than 220 mmHg it is called a load hypertension, which can trigger a relaxation hypertension.

Stress Blood Pressure Values

During stressful times, however, the blood flow is increased enormously, so that it comes to high blood pressure, the normal blood pressure values are exceeded.

Physical strain, both mentally and emotionally, can lead to increases in blood pressure, and will often occur in the modern world. Under continuous physical exertion, the normal blood pressure values increases continuously.

If the normal Blood Pressure Values are exceeded

Normal blood pressure values for everybody
What is a normal blood pressure value?

The result is the increase in the normal systolic blood pressure due to the increasing heart stroke volume, while the diastolic blood pressure value increases only slightly. Only at the highest load the diastolic value increases on the ergometer, because maximum performance combined with very great effort leads to a violent expansion of the peripheral vascular resistance.

The "German Hypertension League" makes the following recommendation for both men and women. The highest limit of normal blood pressure is 200/100 mmHg in the submaximal range at 100 watts.

A study of people who had high blood pressure showed that daily physical load optimally support the efficacy of drug treatment. A group of subjects played sports 3 times per week, while the other part with hypertension didn’t do any sports. After 4 months, the first group had lower, almost normal blood pressure values, than the second group.

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