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Hypertension can lead to nosebleeds

Annoying nosebleeds - high blood pressure ?
Nosebleeds in Hypertension

Nosebleeds, also known as epistaxis, sometimes look worse than they actually are.

This is especially true when they come quickly and there is a lot of blood.

There are many things that can make your nose bleed.

One particular factor for continuous bleeding of the nose can be high blood pressure.

When your nose is bleeding, the finely spun web of veins is affected, which are very sensitive and causes your nose to bleed profusely

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Nosebleeds and more often - a sign of hypertension

If it is found that the nose bleeds constantly and repeatedly, you should definitely see a doctor and get checked.

As a matter of course your doctor will check your blood pressure.

A cardiovascular check is then unavoidable.

This guarantees the opportunity to diagnose hypertension in time and to be able to regulate your blood pressure.

Since high blood pressure can be extremely dangerous and can lead to a heart attack, a visit to the doctor is essential for frequent epistaxis.

With high blood pressure, the blood vessels are overloaded and full with blood.

This brings about the overpressure the blood vessels in the nose, causing them to burst.

An epistaxis itself is not life threatening.

With high blood pressure, which is ultimately a vascular disease, the pressure is increased to the vessels with each heartbeat.

In the case of epistaxis, the vessels can’t handle any more pressure and burst.

The small, fine veins open and the excess pressure is discharged.

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Triggering factors - hypertension and epistaxis

Hypertension - a possible cause of nosebleeds
Nosebleeds in Hypertension

High blood pressure can be caused by various other factors.

Anger and excitement are just a few.

The pressure rises up into the head and exerts incredible pressure on the vessels.

And so, that creates the nose bleeds that frighten so many people.

However, usually the bleeding doesn’t last for very long.

But when it happens frequently, you should go to the doctor for an examination.

You might find some home remedies to stop the bleeding.

Try to take a rest to avert excitement and then the blood pressure should regulate itself once more.

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Home remedy for nosebleeds and hypertension

Since high blood pressure can also lead to a stroke, you should be sure to examine your own blood pressure.

If it is not a permanent condition, then we can lower it by reducing stress which will help to maintain a normal blood pressure reading, thus preventing the epistaxis.

However, the bleeding of the nose is not always a sign of a life threatening disease.

If it does not occur every day, you can live with this little evil, because it is always only a few minutes of bleeding.

As a home remedy for a nosebleed you should talk with your doctor or therapist about spinach, cayenne pepper and persimmon.

Also consider nettle leaves and raspberry leaf as a food supplement.

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