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Nose bleeds as a symptom for High Blood Pressure

Solutions for hypertension - nosebleeds as a symptom
Nose bleeds in Hypertension

Everyone has experienced a nose bleed at least once in their life time.

It often comes suddenly and unexpectedly and then when you least expect it. 

Children often suffer from nose bleeds, because at a young age there is a frequent occurrence of epistaxis.

For the older generation, this is usually something threatening, since the slightly larger vessels are primarily affected.

These are located in the back of the nose.

The most common cause for the occurrence of nose bleeds for older people is hypertension.

This disease is usually referred to as high blood pressure.

An increase of arterial pressure in the blood vessels can lead to nose bleeds and you should visit your doctor as high blood pressure can lead have serious consequences.

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Nose bleeds through for High Blood Pressure

This high blood pressure is exerted with each heartbeat into the vessels.

Thus hypertension also leads to a greater blood flow of blood through the nasal mucosa and the nasal septum.

This poses many high risk factors, because the high blood pressure can quickly lead to severe bleeding.

Above all, stress and excitement are a main cause. 

Even common colds, such as runny nose and sinus infections lead to a higher mucosal blood flow and thus lead to an increased risk of hypertension.

A common cold might trigger a nose bleed.

High blood pressure in the small mucosal vessels can cause problems.

The wafer-thin veins in the nose can immediately explode.

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Severe bleeding nose as Hypertension symptom

Nosebleeds - a symptom of high blood pressure
Nose bleeds in Hypertension

Dry indoor air produced from heaters and air-conditioners tend to dry out the mucous membranes, and can leave them severely damaged.

The smallest of pressure changes can now hurt the already damaged mucosa and high blood pressure can cause further bleeding.

If you have severe bleeding of the nose so you should definitely go to the doctor or your emergency ward.

The doctor will also routinely test you for hypertension.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you need to protect your nose.

Things such as the humidity of your home should be controlled.

Think about how your heat or cool your home because these things can affect your nose.


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