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Hypertension Risk Group - Old People and Senior Citizens

Old people and senior citizens and hypertension
High blood pressure and older people

Older generations are particularly at risk of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause all sorts of diseases and older people belong to this risk group. Senior citizens are often concerned by a hypertension because it can be fatal.

In most cases, raised blood pressure isn’t noticed by older people, because the affected persons do not often have any symptoms.

Some warning signs for senior citizens and anyone suffering from high blood pressure can include nosebleeds, headaches, dizziness, circulatory problems and shortness of breath. It can also cause damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes, strokes and cardiac infarctions.

High blood pressure range from 140 to 90 mm of Hg or higher. This is also valid at any age.

Older people have less elasticity, arteriosclerosis and higher blood pressure values than younger people. The diastolic blood pressure has usually reached the maximum around 60 years old. However, the systolic blood pressure can increase past this age.

We recommend that senior citizens with too high blood pressure take action to lower the blood pressure immediately.

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Systolic Hypertension in Senior Citizens and old People

High blood pressure and senior citizens
How high blood pressure can hit the elderly

If systolic hypertension is isolated in older people

Isolated systolic hypertension, is an independent illness which is also called high blood pressure. However, this so-called blood pressure is on no account harmless, because just the difference between systolic and the diastolic blood pressure values can cause complications.

Of course, the lowering of raised blood values leads to a healthier life no matter whether old or young, and therefore, therapy always makes sense.

Fortunately, therapy is possible without drugs with an isolated systolic hypertension once in a blue moon. High blood pressure should be treated by a doctor to help make you feel better.

The high blood pressure with older people very common in this day and age. This is due to people’s lifestyles. Unhealthy fast-food with too much fat and cooking salt really help to increase high blood pressure just the same as a high consumption of alcohol or smoking.

Another risk factor for high blood pressure of senior citizens is being overweight and not exercising enough. Other illnesses for which you are being treated with drugs can also lead to a raised blood pressure.

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High Blood Pressure Therapy with older People

Solutions for old people with hypertension

Many people take prescribed medication to reduced their hypertension. However, it is also important to reduce your weight and become physically active.

Obviously, senior citizens should start running marathons, but an everyday walk can help considerably. Also a well-balanced and calorie-conscious diet with little salt can also help to lower to the blood pressure values.

Elderly people should also try to eat sea fish because they contain special fatty acids which can help to reduce blood pressure.

Senior citizens should completely stop the consumption of alcohol, because alcohol can lead an increase in blood pressure values.

However, a good way for older people is to take food supplements. Many shops stock holds ready many supplements which can help relieve high blood pressure.

In our self-help sessions for high blood pressure patients we help older people get relief from traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine, Tibetan medicine, and remedies from all over the world. 

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