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Olmesartan as a drug for hypertension

Olmesartan and hypertension

Olmesartan is part of the AT1 antagonist group of drugs which are used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).

With a regular intake of about 8 weeks, the maximum effect is achieved, but after 2 weeks, you should notice a significant lowering of the blood pressure.

In addition to the effect of lowering blood pressure, it has a positive effect on the function of the kidneys. Moreover, his antiarteriosclerotic properties cause the vessels to be better protected.

Because of the prolonged duration of action and the strong blood pressure lowering it provides, a constant and reliable regulation of the blood pressure occurs when taken once per day.

Sartans and hypertension

Olmesartan brings quick help to high blood pressure

In hypertension, the Sartan Olmesartan is often the application

Applied at the same time as antihypertensives, the blood pressure lowering effect of olmesartan is reinforced. It is often applied with a diuretic, called HCT in combination.

In biliary obstruction and during breastfeeding or pregnancy this medication must not be taken under any circumstances. The same applies if you suffer from liver issues or renal insufficiency under the Conn's syndrome, a Quincke's edema, or hyperkalaemia.

It might be necessary that a dose adjustment is done by the doctor.

It can be taken with potassium supplements, potassium-sparing diuretics or other agents that increase the levels of potassium (e.g. heparin), so that the potassium concentration in the blood increases.

In such patients, frequent monitoring of the blood should take place. Furthermore, it may happen that lithium, a psychotropic toxic has a stronger effect.

Olmesartan against hypertension

Furthermore, the risk of acute kidney failure increases in a common intake of anti-inflammatory drugs.

In addition, the antihypertensive effect can be reduced. It is recommended that you are always under close monitoring.

In many clinical trials, the incidence of unwanted side effects was similar to the presence of a placebo.

Adverse events can be reduced, but you might notice an elevated pulse, a dry cough, respiratory infections, diarrhoea, headaches and hypotension.

When taking this Sartan you might also notice a significant weight loss at the same time. Initially, the relationship between the apparent celiac disease and high blood pressure medicine was not clear.

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The sartanes as olmesartan for hypertension

Olmesartan against hypertension

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