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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

High blood pressure caused by overweight

Solutions for hypertension - healthy diet against obesity
Overweight in hypertension

Definition of obesity

Obesity occurs when the body weight is above average set in relation to body size.

For the foundation, there are many risk factors.

As an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, metabolic disorders and heredity.

And that then promotes hypertension.

A particularly severe form is the obesity.

In particular in the industrialized world an above-average weight is spread widely due to the oversupply of foodstuffs and facilitation of life skills through mechanization, almost in the very same extent as hypertension.

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Impact of obesity on blood pressure

There is a direct relationship between obesity and hypertension, because the pancreas produces particularly in obese people

People often far more insulin than in normal weight, suggesting rising blood pressure.

However, the hormone will degrade the protein ANP, which provides for regulation of blood pressure by the vascular smooth muscle leads to an increased relaxed and departure of urine.

Because of the reduction of ANP levels also lowering blood pressure regulation should be recorded.

This has the consequence that the blood pressure is very high, particularly in obese people.

Hypertension as a result of overweight
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Fat in the arteries - Hypertension by obesity

Deposits in arteries
Overweight in hypertension

Another factor for high blood pressure caused by obesity is often the increased intake of foods with a high fat content, which is often associated with obesity.

Thus, the fat content in the blood increases.

The fat is deposited in the arteries and thus narrows the vascular channels.

Again, to push enough blood through the narrower become channels, a higher pressure must prevail, which then manifests itself in hypertension.

So obesity promotes hypertension.

Here you can read about the important purification of the arteries and heart click.

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When suffering of hypertension you should diet

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Hypertension reduce by picking at overweight

Overweight load the body very strong - Slimming
Overweight and hypertension

The removal of excess weight helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Typically, the blood pressure is reduced by approximately 2 mm Hg per kg.

This in turn means that less insulin is produced, and thus the ANP levels rise.

Dieting and the associated fact to reduce high blood pressure, is carried out by providing for a healthy and balanced diet.

This includes increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In meat and fatty products should largely be avoided if you want reduce overweight because especially animal fats have a very high increase in blood lipid levels and blood pressure result.

A healthy diet and slimming their excess weight can lower blood pressure, which can decrease the values between 5 mmHg and 11 mmHg.

Find an overview of the diets that are particularly suitable for hypertensive patients click.

High blood pressure and weight loss - diets against hypertension

In hypertension and obesity in the cure

The Mayr cure and hypertension
Overweight and hypertension

Last but not least you can blood pressure naturally reduce by selectively degrades overweight and with a healthy diet you have already done for the first step.

Here should provide a cure to the beginning of slimming their overweight greatly affected.

Many health insurance companies pay for such treatments, especially if the diagnosis hypertension is in the room.

We recommend the German health center Dr. Zimmermann in the black forest with a Mayr diet.

There are some of our editors have been able to reduce their blood pressure to a normal value and greatly reduced their overweight.

However, paying a few cash this but expensive spa, so you usually have to bear the costs thereof.

There are, however, also bring the desired antihypertensive success many cures.

Seek advice from their office or their doctor.

German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Sport helps with overweight and hypertension

Another factor for the decrease of obesity should be a high readiness for the operation of regular exercise.

We recommend three to four moving units of 30 minutes per week to relieve hypertension and pounds.

The average reduction of blood pressure by sufficient movement is 7 mmHg.

Serve with simple exercises and the involvement of long walks in the everyday life of, d. H.

It should be avoided the use of motorized transport, if a settlement is to be managed on foot or by bicycle.

Hypertension caused by obesity need not be.

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