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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure and Overweight People

High Blood Pressure and Obesity
Overweight and high blood pressure are connected

Overweight is often a cause of high blood pressure

The number of overweight people has increased in recent years because a healthy life-style has become more difficult in today's society. This weight issue is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

A well-balanced diet often fails because of everyday stress. The temptation to eat fatty foods which contain a high portion of fat and sugar is huge. It’s difficult to eat healthily.

In combination with bad eating habits and a lack of exercise in many jobs, it’s easy to find yourself morbidly overweight with high blood pressure.

Around 75% of overweight people will suffer from hypertension.

In this case, body weight is connected to height which can also bring health dangers like high blood pressure.

A large mass of fat in the belly can also lead to dangerously high blood pressure. If the waist is more than 94cm for men, or 80cm for women, the risk of heart attacks, circulatory problems and nephritic illnesses increase dramatically. 

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The connection between Obesity and High Blood Pressure

Hypertension just by being overweight
Overweight and hypertension

Less weigh means a lower blood pressure

It’s a well-known fact nowadays that obese people are likely to suffer from high blood pressure

Thus about three quarters of overweight people suffer from high blood pressure. 

The combination of being overweight and having high blood pressure is especially dangerous. With high blood pressure or hypertension, chronic illnesses become a concern and can lead to restrictions in life. There is also an increased risk in subsequent illnesses such as strokes or cardiac infarctions.

Moreover, the chances to successfully treat hypertension in overweight patients is reduced.

The connection between being overweight and high blood pressure (hypertension) can be explained with the connection of fat mass, insulin and the hypotensive hormone ANP. Overweight people have a higher portion of fat in their body.

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Being Overweight can lead to High Blood Pressure

Because more fatty tissue exists, a higher insulin amount than with normal will be produced. The raised insulin of overweight people can cause dangerous heart circulation and metabolism problems, e.g. diabetes type II. Besides this, the increased insulin is responsible for hypertension, because it diminishes the hypotensive hormone ANP (atriales natriuretisches Peptid). 

Losing weight is important if you suffer from hypertension.

Get help with your high blood pressure with our health portal – being overweight can be deadly.

The hormone ANP has the function to keep the blood pressure at a healthy level. This is particularly important when you have high blood pressure due to being overweight.

To adjust the blood pressure, the hormone increases, while it increases the natural feeling of thirst increases and is secreted in the urine. ANP also increases the size of the blood vessels, while it relaxes the musculature of the vessels and adjusts the blood pressure.

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Hormones in High Blood Pressure and Obiesity

Being fat can also have other adverse health effects
Obese people mostly suffer from high blood pressure

This important hormone becomes diminished in overweight people because of the increased insulin in the body adversely effects the blood pressure adjusting functions of the body. As a result of being overweight the blood pressure rises and the risk of hypertension increases.

The researchers of the German Institute of Food Research have explained their results and offer some hope for overweight patients with high blood pressure.

Simply put, the more body fat you have the more likelihood there is high blood pressure. Being fat can also have other adverse health effects.

As soon as the weight is reduced and reaches a healthy weight (at best under a BMI of 25), then the fatty tissue also decreases. Less insulin is produced from the pancreas because there is less fat. Subsequently it the production of the hypotensive hormone ANP can reduce the blood pressure again to a healthy measure. There is no need to be overweight.

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