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Palpitations as a symptom of High Blood Pressure

Avoid palpitations high blood pressure
Palpitation in Hypertension

Tachycardia and hypertension are closely related to each other and represent a risk for other diseases.

Due to the calcification of some arteries, the heart has to pump harder to supple the body with blood and therefore there is an increased risk of stroke.

Many people do not know they have high blood pressure because this disease does not cause pain.

Only problems with the heart cause people to seek medical care, because there is often a feeling dizziness that comes with it.

The heartbeat only temporarily elevates, so there is generally no cause for concern.

If you ever suffer from heart palpitations, there is often a serious illness behind it.

Some patients also suffer from anxiety.

If the doctor suspects hypertension, it is important to act immediately.

If high blood pressure is not extremely high, it can be treated with relatively simple means.

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Palpitation by Hypertension should not be

First, your diet should be changed so that the blood sugar levels may be reduced.

You need to eat food that is low-fat and contains only a little salt.

You should try to eat a high-fibre diet, which consists mainly of whole grains, brown rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables.

When frying, you should do so with only a little fat.

Better still is baking or roasting.

Smokers must stop smoking because the many toxins in a cigarette cause the blood vessels to constrict and can lead to an increased blood pressure.

Find out more on smoking and high blood pressure.

Scientific studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on hypertension.

Endurance sports, such as running, cycling or swimming are very good to get the disease under control.

With regular exercise constant tachycardia disappears and the impact frequency levels off again to normal levels.

Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

Symptoms such as Palpitations - Hypertension threatens

If the high blood pressure has reached a critical rate then you must take medication.

The doctor will decide which drugs are the best for the patient concerned.

Of course, the patient must change his habits in this situation to help the medication.

Some people can achieve this through sport, and in some cases the medication can be stopped.

Each person is responsible for this disease and for his own health.

With a little self-discipline, the life expectancy may even be extended by several years than if you just accepts his fate and familiar only to the prescribed medication.


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