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High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Paralysis

Paralysis Can Be the Result of High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is the pressure of the blood as it flows along the blood vessels. It depends on the heart and the elasticity of the blood vessels. Arteries located near the heart are particularly at risk.

The arteries will expand as you feel warm and blood pressure is lower than normal. In cold weather, however, blood vessels shrink in diameter. As the arteries get smaller, the blood pressure increases. Now symptoms of paralysis can be a result of high blood pressure.

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Blood pressures will change throughout the day depending on what activity you are doing. If you have a low or high blood pressure you may have a more acute illness. Now paralysis can appear as a direct result of high blood pressure.

Blood pressure can be normal if there are no other illnesses. A level of 120/80 mmHg is considered to be normal blood pressure or within that general area. These numbers are systolic and diastolic measurements respectively.

High blood pressure can be arterial hypertension which often comes unnoticed. It’s one of the biggest health dangers of our current time. In the beginning there are not usually any symptoms. Serious discomfort only begins to show after the damage has been done.

In a lot of cases there are no symptoms at the beginning of suspected hypertension. People don’t feel ill and high blood pressure easily goes unnoticed. When left for too long it can start to cause unrepairable damage. Symptoms of paralysis starts in the fingers and toes. If you think this is a problem, you should go to see a specialist.

Consequences of Paralysis

When high blood pressure goes unnoticed, the danger of paralysis grows even further. You may start to feel light headaches, shortness of breath, visual problems or a drop in energy which are all symptoms of hypertension. Now with increased stress or a lack of sleep, you might even begin to notice the symptoms of paralysis. 

Arteriosclerosis can cause the vascular walls to narrow and cause a stroke. This, in turn, means that the blood pressure rises even further.

Symptoms of paralysis come gradually. It might start with one hand or arm, but can quickly lead to who parts of the body. However, at this stage, high blood pressure has caused long and lasting damage.

Symptoms of Paralysis and High Blood Pressure

Fear of Paralysis – Hypertension can be the cause.

Problems with heart and kidneys, glands and other things are often the cause for secondary hypertension if the blood pressure goes untreated.

One might look to high cholesterol as a possible reason and it’s strongly connected to high blood pressure which can be symptoms of paralysis.

The risk of heart attacks also increases with high blood pressure values. This should be a warning sign that something bigger could happen. If you are continuously stressed, then you need may also have symptoms of paralysis and hypertension.

Diabetes can also cause long and lasting damage and high blood pressure values.

If you are affected by high blood pressure, then you may have some symptoms of paralysis. 

These illnesses are called endemic diseases and many people are affected by them. If you lower your blood pressure you can prevent paralysis.

Control of Paralysis and Hypertension

A regular blood pressure reading should be taken to ensure that you are leading a healthy life. If you have the symptoms of paralysis, then you should always go to visit your doctor.

There are many home remedies which can help you, this includes celery, mulberry, strawberries, peppermint and other things.

Some of these things are available as food supplements and they can certainly help with paralysis and hypertension. Fresh ones from organic shops are the best. Click here to see all the natural remedies that you can use with high blood pressure.

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