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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

The many salt in finished products promotes hypertension

Hypertension and salt is a bad mix
Salt and hypertension

High blood pressure is often associated with type 2 diabetes and these diseases can be avoided if one changes their diet.

It’s better to eat freshly prepared food rather than to resort to frozen pizza. 

Processed products are also difficult for us to determine the actual salt content because it does not have to be labelled.

The nutritional information usually contains the sodium content and if you multiply this value by 2.5 you should get the actual salt content of the food.

The fact is that salty foods such as potato chips taste good.

And you would be surprised to know that salt is often added to foods such as cornflakes and mixed vegetables.

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Healthy life in hypertension with little salt

If you want to lower your high blood pressure, it is essential to switch to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods.

To facilitate the transition taste, you can use herbal salt which tastes good, but doesn’t contain any salt.

Or you can use any fresh herbs that can easily be grown on a window sill. 

Reducing high blood pressure is much easier than you think and if you get to know the taste of unadulterated food you will probably not want to return to heavily salted foods.

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Salt content in processed products 

Salt is vital for your body, but how much salt we should consume is a different question.

What happens to the body when the salt content in food is constantly too high?

It basically equates to being a poison.

The daily recommended amount of salt is 6g, but just 1.5g would be sufficient.

The food industry is consistently working on a distinctive flavour for their finished products and therefore put a lot of money into research for the ultimate taste experience.

Usually, however, salt is an essential ingredient in prepared dishes and seasonings.

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Avoid consequential damage of hypertension by salts

Processed food products often contain a very high amount of salt and this means that the heart needs to work harder as the blood pressure rises.

This is sometimes tricky because high blood pressure often goes unnoticed for a long time and often has no symptoms.

We want to be healthy.

High blood pressure is responsible for two-thirds of strokes and half of all heart attacks.

When this occurs our body is seriously damaged and only then do we begin to reduce our high blood pressure.

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