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Everything about smoking has probably already been said and we can even see on a box of cigarettes warnings about the effects of smoking. The vessels constrict and blood pressure rises because the same amount of blood must flow through the smaller diameter. If you stop smoking, your high blood pressure will decrease significantly. A step in the right direction is the use of nicotine patches, which can help smokers to reduce their cigarette consumption.


It’s a well-known fact that salt increases the blood pressure. Salt retains water in the body and it can also thicken the blood. And thick blood is harder to pump around the body so the blood pressure rises. Salt is often hidden in many products and as a high blood pressure patient you should be aware of these products and try to avoid them. There is usually a lot of salt contained in many bread products, ham, salami, cheese, ready meals, pizza, sauerkraut, salted vegetables (such as cucumbers and olives), salty chips , peanuts and condiments such as ketchup and mustard. Look at your shopping carefully and read the nutrition label to avoid very salty food for your blood pressure's sake. Alternatively, the food can be seasoned with fresh aromatic herbs, but there are also ready-made herbal blends available that are all highly recommended.

Dietary supplements

Another very important thing to consider when talking about hypertension are natural supplements and how they can help to reduce high blood pressure. Most hypertensive patient’s bodies are too acidic and one can recognize this high acidity when the patient is very red in the face or they have reddish patches on the skin. If you have a red face and have red spots on the skin then you should take an acid-based supplement everyday daily to pass bind the acid in the body. Our ancestors have recognized the connection properly. If you want to bind excess acids quickly and effectively then we recommend the daily use of base powder.

But a good way is to accompany medication is with other dietary supplements because the pharmacy of nature holds many substances that can give some relief from the symptoms of hypertension. On our self-help portal hypertension patients, we discuss a variety of approaches from traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine, and Tibetan medicine alongside other home-made remedies and cures from around the world. Examples include Korean red ginseng, base powder, vitamin complexes, beetroot , garlic , mistletoe, homeopathy, apple cider vinegar, special honeys, cell salts, Omega 3 supplements, Rauwolfina , hawthorn berries, ginger, arnica, mallow, Rotwurzelsalbei, dates, chestnuts, Canadian bloodroot and Canadian turmeric and the Q10 enzyme.