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Pritkin diet for high blood pressure

The Pritkin diet for weight loss 

Hypertensive patients reduce the blood pressure with the Pritkin Diet

Lose weight with carbohydrates and reduce your high blood pressure 

The Pritkin diet consists mainly of carbohydrate-containing food and so is in contrast with the more familiar Atkins diet. Main foods include whole grain bread products, potatoes, rice and pasta. These are supplemented by vegetables, fruits and salads as well as very low-fat soups. 

Proteins such as meat or fish, animal protein products are not allowed. Fats, alcohol, sugar and salt are allowed in very small quantities. 

Hypertensive patients should pay close attention. The allowed calories per day are very clear and 650 calories should not be exceeded. 

The idea of this diet is based on the urge of people to eat more fat than we need for our survival. Dr. Pritkin, the inventor of this diet, explains this with regards to the evolution of man. We store fat in our bodies and with this diet that is high in carbohydrates, we actually burn more fat that what we store.

Lose weight with Pritkin 

The Pritkin diet is suitable for high blood pressure patients 

The permanent lack of proteins in losing weight with the diet Pritkin can be a problem for our muscles. The body needs proteins to build muscles. Therefore, two to three times per week you can eat meat or fish and three or four times a week you can eat dairy products grow the muscles. 

The Pritkin diet excludes as much protein as possible. Oils in the Pritkin diet should also be avoided. In the Pritkin diet the following foods are allowed: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, animal proteins with the 0% fat content such as milk, yogurt and cheese, nuts and seeds, unsalted herbs and spices, and unsweetened coffee and tea. 

Minute quantities of the following products are permitted: cooked proteins such as fish and seafood, vegetable oils, refined sugar, salt, spices and finished sauces and alcohol. 

Pritkin and hypertension 

The following foods are prohibited: animal fats and oils, chocolate, margarine, fatty meats and sausages, dairy products with fat content of 1% or more, egg yolk, fried food, bakery products (except whole grain), and oily sauces. 

Losing weight using the Pritkin diet also has several disadvantages. All the dishes are extremely dry and a strong taste is almost completely absent meaning that dishes are not particularly tasty. Outside of your home the Pritkin diet is also a bit difficult to follow because there is little on offer that you can eat in restaurants. 

This form of weight loss brings quick success. High blood cholesterol disappears quickly and the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease and diabetes is greatly minimised. 

In addition to losing weight with the Pritkin diet, you should also exercise regularly. However, with the extremely limited caloric intake, you will find that you become very tired very quickly.

An advantage of this diet is that by eating plenty of fibre-rich foods you will not be very hungry.  You will also find that high blood pressure will be reduced.