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High blood pressure and Ramipril - ACE inhibitor

The pharmaceutical Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor (angiotensin converting enzyme) of the second generation and it is used for hypertension (high blood pressure) as a drug to lower the blood pressure.

The active ingredient can be taken alone or with multiple blood pressure-lowering agents as a combination therapy.

In cases of cardiac diseases, heart failure, or in the prevention of myocardial infarction, Ramipril is also used.

But even if the high blood pressure can be reduced successfully with the ACE inhibitor, the drug is not for everyone because it can have some nasty side effects for some people.

The optimum dosage should always be individualised by a physician and the dosage is continuously monitored.

The hormone angiotensin-II is responsible for high blood pressure and constriction of blood vessels and the production of the hormone aldosterone (increasing blood pressure) is stimulated by angiotensin II.

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How Ramipril affects high blood pressure

Hypertension need not be - the ACE inhibitor ramipril
Ramipril in hypertension

The angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is a protein that is responsible for the angiotensin II formation which is inhibited by the active ingredient Ramipril.

This in turn allows the arteries to widen and therefore reduces blood pressure.

The lesser amount of angiotensin II produced means a lesser amount of aldosterone and therefore the kidneys excrete less water.

The blood volume increases and thus there is an increase in blood pressure.

So with a decreased production of the hormone aldosterone, the drug has another effect, which is to lower the blood pressure and thus counteracting hypertension.

Possible side effects of ACE inhibitors in hypertension

Depending on the dosage, frequency of use, duration and administration of Ramipril, there may be some side-effects.

Common side effects of the drug include faintness, dizziness, renal dysfunction, vision problems, headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue.

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Side Effects of Ramipril - ACE inhibitors

The occasional side effects include hives, itching, asthma attacks, hoarseness and dyspnoea.

In addition, there may be a change in blood composition.

Rare side effects include impotence, decreased renal function, rhinitis, shock and vessel swelling.

Therefore, patients should read before taking the medication and exclude any risk factors.

What should be the dosage be for hypertension and what are the interactions?

The physician should individually prescribe for each patent and the dose depends on the patient, especially when it is taken with other medicines.

Combining the ACE inhibitor with other drugs can lead to severe side effects including drugs for diabetes, rheumatism and gout.

It must also be ensured that the active ingredient is enhanced in elderly patients and you should remember that the effect of alcohol is stronger, so it should be avoided.

Read more about alcohol and high blood pressure.

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Tradenames of Ramipril

Ramipril - ACE inhabitator in hypertension
Ramipril in hypertension

Trade names of Ramipril include Delix, Ramicard, Lannapril, Ramiclaire, Triatec, Vasotop, Vesidl and Triacs

The combination preparations include Arelix ACE, Delmuno, Delix Plus, Plus Hypren, Lannapril Plus, Plus Ramicard, Lasitace, Ramiclaire Plus, Tonotec, Tritazide, Trialix, Triatec, Unimax and Vesdil Plus.

As ingredients include the following excipients are:

cellulose (microcrystalline)


maize starch (pregelatinized)

sodium bicarbonate

sodium stearyl fumarate




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ACE inhibitors in an overview

Other drugs in this group are listed here alphabetically. 

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Ramipril (Altace)




Also note that the ACE inhibitors are often used in combination with other blood pressure lowering drugs. 

Here you read about the so-called combination therapy in hypertension.

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