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Raw food diet for high blood pressure

Solutions for high blood pressure 

High blood pressure decreases with the raw food diet 

Instead of cooked food, only eat raw food! That sounds fairly crazy because a raw food diet is contrary to our human development. Before we harnessed the power of fire, we only ate raw food. The digestion of raw food is important to us and it is a part of our evolution. 

Through the invention of fire then came a break in the food culture of the people. Cooked animal products were possible, baked goods were produced in new ovens and during the industrial revolution we had refined sugar and refined flour on the market. This introduction of refined foods, amazingly, coincides with a significant increase of high blood pressure. In recent times, this development culminated with fast food is available on almost every corner.

Raw food helps to lose weight

Losing Weight with raw food 

High blood pressure patients should not be overweight 

This type of diet is not yet enshrined in our evolution. Evolution scientists claim that 20 generations are required for new ideas to anchor. These 20 generations have not yet been achieved.

A raw food diet has a lot of benefits and if you really want to lose weight fast you should consider the raw food diet. When you suffer from high blood pressure, you should try a raw food diet. 

The diet provides our bodies with all essential vitamins, fibre and nutrients required. These nutrients are plentiful because the important nutrients are not killed by heating. 

Raw food is easy to make. Breakfast can be a huge fruit salad with yoghurt and nuts and dried fruit. Prepare vegetables for lunch.

The Raw Food Diet - Preparation

If you suffer from hypertension you need to take care of your body weight.

You can eat raw vegetables cut into strips in a plastic container to take to the office and dip them in a delicious milk or raw milk cheese dip. 

Prepare food from noodles with plenty of uncooked vegetables and a delicious cucumber sauce provides enough carbohydrates to get through the day. 

In the evening eat a delicious curry. Slice zucchini, a banana, a mango and a few strips of pineapple into cubes, place them briefly in a little soy sauce and garnish with garlic, diced onions and various seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds and season with curry powder, salt and pepper and you have a delicious dinner, after which you will feel full.

If you want to suffer from high blood pressure and lose weight fast and healthy, you can experience with a raw food week wonders, give their bodies sufficient and valuable vitamins and do not have to invest a lot of time in preparation. Try losing weight with raw food and you will be fit and healthy.