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Red face with High Blood Pressure

Solutions hypertension - red face as a symptom
Red face in Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most dangerous diseases of our time.

In the beginning stages of hypertension, you might have no symptoms and it is therefore not usually detected until the later stages.

A third of those affected are unaware of their disease.

In order to prevent consequential damage, however, early diagnosis is important.

Thus, one should pay attention to any evidence that might indicate an increased blood pressure.

Normal vascularized facial skin is rosy, since the proportion of oxygen in the blood is high.

Faces that go very red is often a sign of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, again, this is normal.

A drop in oxygen content that might be triggered by a startle can lead to a pale face in the short term.

Longer lasting red complexions should be followed by a medical examination.

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Red face as a symptom of Hypertension

Hypertension need not be - red face
Red face in Hypertension

It cannot always be detected quickly whether a red face is related to high blood pressure related, but it could be a symptom of hypertension.

It may be that the face is slightly red or very red and it is often confused with rosacea.

In this disease, small, red veins run through the face.

In most cases these symptoms are accompanied by headaches, dizziness and sometimes nosebleeds.

This does not mean that with each red face, hypertension is present.

Excitement, hard physical work, embarrassment or heat can be the trigger for a strong blood flow to the facial skin.

Often the consumption of alcohol, can also lead to a red face.

It can also cause problems with your blood pressure. 

For the latest scientific studies, the data of 1700 men were compared.

These were divided into three groups: non-drinkers, drinkers, those who blush quickly when drinking, and those who do not react to the alcohol with a red face.

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Facial flushing due to Hypertension

It was clearly confirmed that men who drink alcohol while getting a red facial colour suffer from high blood pressure.

This is associated with acetaldehyde, a metabolite which is genetic, and cannot be fixed.

You cannot feel an increased blood pressure and you might even feel physically very good and powerful.

You might be tired but have no pain.

This makes this disease so insidious.

Several times a year, your blood pressure should be monitored in order to prevent complications.

Some genetic predispositions can be responsible for the disease, but with a healthy lifestyle, a varied diet and adequate exercise you can help to keep your blood pressure down


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