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Renal nerve degradation and baroreflex stimulation: Two new methods for lowering blood pressure

According to the most current news from the World Health Organization hypertension worldwide is ranked one of the biggest risks to health because it can cause diseases such as heart attacks or strokes. Moreover, up to 20 percent of all patients suffering from hypertension, can’t reduce it on their own. This may be due both to the insufficient or inappropriate medication of the physicians and the irregular taking of tablets by patients. Many people who are suffering from hypertension and taking pills have to deal with side effects or already have to take medication for other diseases that as a side-effect will increase blood pressure. These interactions may influence the therapy. In the worst case, medications that reduce blood pressure should be discontinued.

People who have to deal with such problems, may get some help from a new method called renal nerve obliteration. In this case, during a catheter procedure nerves extending along the renal artery from the brain and kidney are deserted. This leaves the empty part of the sympathetic nerve, which ensures that blood pressure increases during physical or mental stress. A study shows that almost half of the patients who used this method had a reduction in their blood pressure values and it fell to below 140 over 90. Also, the rest of the group detected in a significant reduction in blood pressure that was evident 3 years after treatment.

This method is considered to be relatively low risk, but still calls critics on the scene, who do not agree and want to contribute an updates on the risk of this procedure. This result states that although high blood pressure will be reduced by the said method, it cannot yet be clearly demonstrated that the number of heart attacks and strokes would be reduced. They said that there has been no control group to manifest the results and to increase the current knowledge. The critics have a problem with the rapid spread of the process and complain that this method of combating hypertension is finding its way into more hospitals, and that it is only carried out to make money. The method should be adequately tested before it is spread all over Europe.

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