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Hypertension and aldosterone antagonists

When aldosterone is a hormone to regulate blood pressure and is used in hypertension = hypertension.

The drug is also known as "salt hormone" because it affects the sodium and potassium balance.

So this hormone influences the hydration and consequently the blood pressure.

In the kidney, sodium is retained and potassium in the urine is excreted. A "aldosterone antagonist" about Spironoloacton or Eplereno is administered, for example, patients with hypertension / increased blood pressure.

When to the aldosterone antagonist is prescribed

In hypertension / hypertension or fluid retention, but also in heart, kidney and liver diseases of aldosterone antagonist is used with its features.

What exactly is an aldosterone antagonist

It is a produced in the adrenal gland block of mineral metabolism.

It causes the increased retention of sodium in the kidney and the increased excretion of potassium.

Through the increase of the volume of fluid in the blood vessels, the blood pressure rises.

Renin inhibitor for hypertension

Renin inhibitors are prescribed in hypertension
Renin inhibitors in hypertension

The kidney renin first pours from which subsequently the hormone angiotensin is formed. This hormone in turn stimulates the production of aldosterone in the adrenal gland. Why is spoken in the art also the so-called "renin-angiotensin system". People who suffer from high blood pressure often gets antihypertensives or antihypertensives. These funds are to intervene in the situation in this system.

What value is normal

That the Aldosteronwert serum quickly and constantly changing is completely normal. Already there are differences between the prone and sitting measurement. The reason lies in a different distribution of blood volume and blood pressure.

Degradation occurs incidentally in the liver and excreted in the urine.

Due to the short-lived about half of aldosterone has been dismantled after about 30 minutes. This time is also referred to as half-life. Even the salt content of food can influence the concentration in the serum.

The renin and its effects

Not only the serum levels but also accumulating within 24 hours in the urine Aldosteronmenge be measured taking into account these factors precaution.

This results in a daily mean value and short-term daily fluctuations can be compensated.

The aldosterone can also be set in relation to the renin concentration.

The result, scoring is termed "aldosterone renin ratio".

This allows the physician obtain evidence of the existence of any malfunction of the adrenal cortex.

When and in what forms the value risesForemost of hyperaldosteronism is called.

In the primary form that is also called Conn's syndrome, adrenal gland produces too much aldosterone. The quotient is over 50

The secondary type of the disorder is often outside the adrenal gland.

In the pituitary / pituitary gland is producing too much adrenocorticotropic hormone (CTH).

This in turn stimulates the adrenal gland to form aldosterone.But increasingly Renin is formed, there is a normal aldosterone renin ratio of no more than 50

Hypertension does not have to - renin

An existing hypertension (high blood pressure), increased levels of sodium and potassium values ​​set down are signs of increased aldosterone production.

When the value is too low

If the values ​​in the blood and urine, the adrenal glands are producing too little aldosterone decreased. If the adrenal glands to stop working for various reasons out properly this can happen. In such a case, there is talk of a "hypoaldosteronism".

From a "primary renal insufficiency" is spoken directly in the adrenal gland at failures. This disease is also called "Addison's disease".

If too little aldosterone before because the pituitary gland makes too little ACTH is talk of a "secondary renal insufficiency".


The reference and the measured values ​​can be different from laboratory laboratory. Also, depending on the day and the season can cause fluctuations. Individual laboratory values ​​but also have not enough expressiveness. That's why the comparison is recommended in the context but also over time.

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