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Weight loss with the Scarsdale diet for high blood pressure

Weight loss with the Scarsdale diet for high blood pressure 

The Scarsdale Diet 

Most hypertensive patients need to lose weight 

The Scarsdale Diet was developed by cardiologist Dr. Tarnow in the city of Scarsdale in the USA. Dr. Tarnow promises provide weight loss of about 300 grams per day. The Scarsdale diet is one of the first “low carb” diets, followed up by many other weight loss methods with a low carbohydrate intake. 

According to Dr. Tarnow, the first phase of the Scarsdale diet lasts for 14 days. Besides this, a lot of protein is eaten, such as lean meat, fish and vegetables. The calorie intake is limited to 1000 calories a day. 

After the first phase is a 14-day build-up phase, in which two slices of bread, a daily serving of nuts, jam without sugar, a glass of dry white wine and four eggs are added each week day. After the second phase, the first phase is repeated, and then again the second phase. According to Dr. Tarnow, this sequence can go on for as long as desired. High blood pressure patients should give this diet a chance.

High blood pressure patients and their weight

Lose weight with Scarsdale 

Losing weight with high blood pressure using the Scarsdale diet helps to lower blood pressure. When using the Scarsdale diet, there are also some disadvantages. Due to the very limited calorie intake, you’ll quickly begin to feel hungry. If you are going through the Scarsdale diet just once, then this isn’t a problem. But if you want to do this over a period of time, then you should consult a doctor or medical practitioner.

The following foods are allowed: lean protein such as fish and meat, vegetables and mushrooms, as well salads dressed with vinegar. 

The following foods are not allowed: carbohydrates of any kind, fats, oils, butter, cream, dairy products, juices, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, and sausage. 

The removal of the Scarsdale Diet 

Solutions for hypertension 

You need to lose weight if you have high blood pressure

Weight loss with the Scarsdale diet occurs over a very short period of time. The Scarsdale Diet meal plans are fixed and the high-protein diet forces the body to convert proteins into carbohydrates. 

This results in an increased water loss that must be compensated by increasing the amount of water that you drink. This is a difficult diet plan but you can see some great results when losing weight with the Scarsdale diet.

Also, in the Scarsdale diet generally not eaten much so that the weight loss success is even greater. 

Despite the consumption of a lot of proteins results in weight loss with the Scarsdale diet, a loss of muscle mass, as the body can not use the egg whites for all tasks and must set priorities. 

The proposed by Dr. Tartower life after the Scarsdale diet therefore you will not make much sense. The literature speaks at the permanent Weight loss with the Scarsdale diet even of increased risk of osteoporosis and the large protein content of possible attacks of gout and other deficiencies.