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Secondary High Blood Pressure as a result of Pregnancy

Secondary Hypertension and Pregnancy
Pregnancy and high blood pressure

Secondary Hypertension and Pregnancy

The pregnancy-conditioned form of high blood pressure cause physical changes which are released by the pregnancy.

Women more than 40 years old also suffer from a raised risk of hypertension like pregnant women when they give birth.

During your pregnancy, you should have you blood pressure checked numerous times.

This hypertension often goes undiagnosed because many patients don’t usually suffer from any kind of symptom. Early morning headaches, breathlessness and a feeling of sickness count to the most frequent symptoms for secondary high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Read here all about the symptoms and results of secondary hypertension during a pregnancy

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Symptoms of secondary Hypertension while being pregnant

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High blood pressure during pregnancy and its symptoms

Dizziness can also by a symptom of high blood pressure during a pregnancy. Tiredness and sleeplessness are other symptoms of this form of high blood pressure. Here you can get to know more about all the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Some pregnant patients have also reported, ear noises and nosebleeds

If the vessels and organs are damaged by high blood pressure during the pregnancy first, the risk of coronary or heart disease increases. Remarkable changes of thirst are observed in pregnant women. Other signs of a secondary high blood pressure can be an increased urge to pass water, sweating more, and a lower loading capacity in the pregnancy.

If the worst comes to the worst, some patients may even have a cardiac arrest or stroke

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Diagnosis of secondary High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Correctly diagnosing hypertension is important in pregnancy

The difference between the primary and secondary form of the illness is the time in your life when high blood pressure hits you.

Just as primary high blood pressure, the secondary form needs to be assess regularly. To do this, you can buy a blood pressure measuring instrument. Patients should measure pressure of their blood several times a day. 

The aim is to find out exactly what is wrong, so the right treatment can be prescribed by your doctor.

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Secondary Hypertension and Sport during Pregnancy

Regular sporting activities can serve to lower the blood pressure. You should do this at least three times per week, and your health can improve drastically even during pregnancy.

Hypertension patients who go want to use sport as a way to reduce their blood pressure should stay away from strenuous weight training, because the blood pressure values can quickly rise when lifting heavy weights.

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