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Secondary Hypertension

Secondary hypertension
What is secondary hypertension?

Secondary hypertension - a special form of high blood pressure

Every year, more and more people are getting hypertension. The disease spreads mainly in Western industrialized countries. The risk of disease increases with increasing age, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress.

Who is affected by secondary hypertension?

Physicians differentiate between the primary and secondary hypertension.

In contrast to primary hypertension, the cause of the increase in blood pressure can also be the result of secondary hypertension. The secondary form is the result of certain underlying diseases. Nearly 15 percent of all hypertensive patients suffer from secondary hypertension. 

More and more children suffer from this variant of high blood pressure.

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Development of secondary Hypertension as a Disease

Secondary hypertension develops rapidly. In most cases the blood pressure values are higher than the values of primary hypertension. Elevated blood pressure levels maximize the risk of suffering a stroke.

Patients are advised to measure blood pressure regularly and to have control blood pressure values taken by the physician.

Drug causes of secondary hypertension

Not infrequently medicines can also be the cause of secondary hypertension. Sometimes medicines that treat of colds and decongestant nasal carriage cause this type of hypertension.

Appetite inhibitors may also increase the pressure of the blood with the active ingredient pseudophedrine. Prescription medicines that contain the active ingredient sibutramine and steroids will also increase your blood pressure.

Other causes of secondary hypertension are anti-rheumatic drugs and the birth control pill. Not least, amphetamines and cocaine also increase the blood pressure.

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Other factors of secondary hypertension:

Secondary high blood pressure
Pre-existing conditions and secondary hypertension

In addition to prescription drugs and stimulants may contribute to the increase in blood pressure. Coffee, caffeine, and alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Stop smoking, and then high blood pressure can be better yet. A step in the right direction is the use of nicotine patches or nicotine gum, which can help them to reduce their cigarette consumption at least. Another trigger is stress and pain can increase blood pressure.

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Among the most common causes of secondary hypertension is kidney disease. The kidneys are responsible for controlling blood pressure. If these are damaged by primary hypertension or renal disease there will also be an increase in blood pressure.

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Secondary Hypertension and its Consequences

Medicine distinguishes between the condition of the arteries and the kidneys. The kidney tissue can be damaged either by chronic inflammation or diabetic problems.

Other triggers can include diabetic damage, adrenal tumours, and endocrine disruption. Not infrequently a variety of pre-existing conditions of the endocrine system will also increase blood pressure.

Secondary hypertension may be a consequence of altered renal vessels, and can also be caused by an overactive thyroid.

The blood pressure of patients suffering from a narrowing of the aorta may increase blood pressure. Cushing syndrome can also lead to hypertension.

Another possible reason for secondary hypertension is sleep apnoea. Here, the blood pressure is especially increased during sleep.

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