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Blood Pressure self-Measurement on the Forearm

Blood pressure monitoring at the forearm
How to monitor your blood pressure at the forearm

Self-Measurement with sphygmomanometers on the wrist

The self-blood pressure measurement is an important component in the treatment of hypertension. High blood pressure (hypertension) is an abnormal elevation of the blood pressure in the arteries.

The measured blood pressure values ​​are usually more accurate than single measurements you’re your doctor. The self-measurement device (Sphygmomanometers ) is easy to use. To measure the blood pressure in the forearm, you should be relaxed. Sit for 3-5 minutes, in a quiet environment before you take the measurement.

Don’t stand or sit crossed legged because the muscles tense up and the blood pressure measurement will be distorted. You should not talk or move during the measurement. The arm should be relaxed and not restricted by clothing.

You should take the measurement twice with a two-minute break in between. The sphygmomanometers should be place at the same level as the heart. Below the heart, the values are higher. And above the heart, the blood pressure values ​​are too low.

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Forearm Blood Pressure Measurement

Measure blood pressure values ​​regularly
Gauges for the forearm blood pressure monitoring

High blood pressure measurement with sphygmomanometers at the wrist

The measurement should be made ​​on the forearm where the blood pressure values ​​are higher. The values ​​should be noted and the second value is usually somewhat lower. In hypertension, the blood pressure should always be measured at the same time of day. The best time is right after getting up.

The sphygmomanometer consists of a cuff that is connected to a manometer. The meter is fastened like a watch on the forearm. Before taking the measurement, you should place the sphygmomanometer on the inside of the cuff.

High blood pressure usually goes unnoticed and it can have serious consequences. It can cause an excessive strain on the heart, damage to the blood vessel walls, or even brain and kidney damage.

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Blood Pressure Self Measuring on the Forearm

Self Measurement of the blood pressure at the wrist
Forearm blood pressure monitoring

Measure the blood pressure values periodically - sphygmomanometers for the wrist

Since the heart is constantly pumping with increased effort it’s important to take regular blood pressure measurements.

The constant measuring of the blood pressure is very important and you should by the best device (sphygmomanometer). The cuff of the sphygmomanometers should be able to easily take the measurement and the display should be able to be read easily. There are now also blood pressure monitors, which you can use with mobile phone.

This requires a sleeve which is then connected to the mobile phone. The app will then start to take the measurement. At the same time the blood pressure values are recorded and stored so that they can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. They can also be sent directly by e-mail to your doctor.

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