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High Blood Pressure and Smoking

High Blood Pressure and Smoking
Even after just one cigarette, your blood pressure will increase

Nicotine and hypertension are a dangerous mixture

Even after just one cigarette, your blood pressure will increase.

Smoking and nicotine influences the heart activity, stimulates the nervous system and reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. All of these factors lead to the narrowing of the main arteries and in turn high blood pressure (hypertension).

The nervous system controls blood pressure and is influenced by smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes is a nervous poison which stimulates part of the autonomous nervous system: The sympathicus nerve. The smoking of cigarettes increases the blood pressure.

The sympathicus nerve is responsible for the activation of many processes in the body, for example, the metabolism, respiration and digestion.

Also the heart frequency and the narrowing of the blood vessels are the direct result of smoking’s effect on the sympathicus nerve. The influence of nicotine on the sympathicus nerve has been proven many times by researchers.

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Smoking increases the Blood Pressure

Smoking can cause high blood pressure
The heart must pump stronger when smoking

If the sympathicus nerve is stimulated constantly by smoking and nicotine, the blood pressure can rise anywhere from 7 to 10 mmHg. In this instance, high blood pressure seems inevitable.

High blood pressure from increased heart activity and smoking.

Nicotine increases heart activity and causes blood vessels to narrow, and the result is high blood pressure.

The heart must pump stronger and more often because it must try to carry the same amount of blood even when smoking. It has to work harder to get blood to circulate all around the body. 

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Smoking causes the Heart to work harder

Stopping smoking is important for patients with hypertension

The heart muscle is overexerted by smoking constantly, the risk for heart rhythm disturbances and high blood pressure rises. The overworked heart muscle is strongly weakened and doesn’t work so well.

With long time smokers, the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced, smokers will have a raised heart frequency and will get hypertension in the areas which are the furthest away from the heart (feet and legs). This can lead to painful circulatory problems because of oxygen starvation (smoker's leg).

The state of the blood vessels influence hypertension.

The fine inside skin of the blood vessels (Endothelin) is strongly damaged by nicotine and other pollutants from cigarette smoke and high blood pressure increases.

Smoking with high blood pressure

Poisons in the smoke lead to the education of free radicals which cause damage to the cells of the Endothelin. This then increase blood pressure even further.

Again, small injuries often repair themselves. In the circulatory system, cicatrisations appear in which blood components and blood lipids (cholesterol) can deposit. These factors increase the blood pressure significantly if somebody also smokes cigarettes.

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Smoking can cause Arteriosclerosis

The vicious circle of cigarettes on the blood pressure
Smoking can cause high blood pressure

Smoking can also lead to arteriosclerosis which causes an additional narrowing of the veins which can increase the blood pressure even more.

The vicious circle of cigarettes begins with the blood pressure.

The vessels are damaged by hypertension and by smoking, at the same time the veins are arteries are narrowing causing arteriosclerosis to progress even further.

Above all, the heart coronary arteries are endangered. A result of high blood pressure from smoking can be angina Pectoris (heart narrowness with breathlessness), later even a cardiac infarction.

With high blood pressure, it’s better to stop smoking.

Cigarette smoke contains a number of toxic substances which contribute to the fact that the blood becomes thicker.

Because of the smoking, the heart must pump stronger and more often, the pressure must be raised more and more to supply small blood vessels. Smoking of cigarettes strengthens the effect of high blood pressure.

Sometimes, red blood cells lighter stick together, get lumpy and can form clots which block blood vessels and cause blood pressure to rise even further.

The carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen carried by red blood cells which should ordinarily transport oxygen from the lungs around the body. However, this is strongly hindered by the carbon monoxide what drives the high blood pressure up.

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Stop Smoking if you have High Blood Pressure

If you have been smoking for a long time, you will have some red blood cells which can no longer take oxygen.

All cigarettes reduce the amount of oxygen in blood, and hinders the body’s ability to repair itself. They also lead to additional strain on the heart and an increase in blood pressure.

Even after one cigarette, your blood pressure will increase. The best thing to do is to completely stop smoking cigarettes so that your body can return to normal.

Also you can try it electric cigarettes to help you to decrease nicotine consumption from smoking. Thus the damage from smoking will be reduced.

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