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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Smoking as a cause of hypertension

Solutions for hypertension - the smoking cessation
Smoking and hypertension

It can be demonstrated that smoking leads to an increased blood pressure.

The nicotine in the brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, which controls vital functions. 

The sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for the proper heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, digestion and overall metabolism.

With the poison of nicotine, cardiac activity is increased and it also narrows blood vessels.

This leads to hypertension.

The more cigarettes smoked, the higher the blood pressure may rise. 

A cigarette includes hundreds of unhealthy substances, including carbon monoxide and benzopyrenes.

These substances can lead to deposits in the veins, causing the flow of blood to be more problematic. 

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Consequence of smoking - Hypertension

The heart has to work stronger, so that the blood can continue to be pumped around the body.

The increased in blood pressure is often the reason for further sequelae.

Constant smoking increases the blood pressure in such a way that smokers are exposed to a much greater risk of dying from a heart attack. 

If nothing is done against hypertension, the constriction of the blood vessels becomes increasingly severe.

One of the consequences may be that some parts of the body are no longer supplied with sufficient blood from the heart. 

If you start to get black spots on the toes, this is known as smoker's leg.

Here the vessels have such a high amount of deposits that the tissue is no longer supplied with oxygen and slowly dies.

In the end, the doctors have no choice but to amputate the individual limbs in order to save the patient's life. 

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In hypertension stop smoking

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Smoking and hypertension

Smoking is unhealthy

Quitting cigarettes is not very easy and requires a strong will.

Drugs can be supportive in the early days to get the addiction under control.

After a few days, the high blood pressure will lower. 

After one month damage to the liver will start to repair and you will generally start to feel better.

Sport is a great way to suppress the craving for a cigarette. 

The risk of suffering a heart attack is significantly reduced and patients that had to take pills because of hypertension can now do without such drugs.

The oxygen content in the blood is better again and climbing stairs suddenly feels much easier.

Those who have managed to quit cigarettes will have prolonged their life for many years.

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